WWE veteran says Rhea Ripley is a "generational talent"(Exclusive)

Rhea Ripley is at the top of the mountain in WWE today.
Rhea Ripley is at the top of the mountain in WWE today

WWE RAW Superstar Natalya believes her Night of Champions 2023 opponent Rhea Ripley is a "generational talent."

It's no secret that The Eradicator has become one of the biggest stars in the sports entertainment juggernaut today, irrespective of gender. She was rewarded for her tremendous work with a SmackDown Women's Championship win at WrestleMania 39. Moreover, WWE reportedly has even bigger plans for her going ahead.

In an exclusive with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Natalya, who faced off against Rhea Ripley at Night of Champions 2023, called her a "generational talent." The RAW Superstar also spoke about how she lost sleep and was deeply impacted after losing to Ripley in mere seconds at the Saudi Arabia event.

"It's funny because I lost so much sleep over that match. And honestly, it had a profound impact on me because when I was first told I was gonna be at Night of Champions facing off against Rhea Ripley, it was like a dream match because Rhea Ripley is like a generational talent," said Natalya. [4:10 - 4:35]

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Natalya also had words of praise for her former WWE rival, Charlotte Flair

Elsewhere in the chat, Natalya also lavished praise on Charlotte Flair and said she probably wrestled The Queen more than anyone else. The veteran added that she had immense respect for Flair and was itching to get back into the ring with her.

"I have so much respect for Charlotte Flair. Even just the work we have done together. I think I have competed against her more than I have competed against anyone else, and it's funny because I haven't competed against her in five years. I think the last match I had against Charlotte was in Hartford, Connecticut, about five years ago. So it's been a minute since I have competed against her," added Natalya.

Though Natalya and Charlotte Flair perform on separate brands, with the former on RAW and the latter on SmackDown, it remains to be seen if WWE will reignite a feud between the two down the line.

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