"You're begging to get fired" - Vince Russo reacts to SmackDown Superstar dissing Vince McMahon backstage (Exclusive)

Vince Russo said WWE might not go easy on the SmackDown Superstar.
Vince Russo said WWE might not go easy on the SmackDown Superstar.
Lennard Surrao

Vince Russo reacted to all the rumors surrounding Charlotte Flair during the latest episode of "Writing with Russo" on Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Reports state that Charlotte Flair walked out of the building and was disrespectful towards Vince McMahon after her backstage altercation with Becky Lynch on SmackDown a couple of weeks ago. Russo felt that any superstar who decides to 'diss' Vince McMahon would be least concerned about getting fired from the company.

The former writer alluded that Charlotte Flair probably doesn't care about her current WWE spot either, as she might be mentally prepared to leave as soon as the opportunity arises.

Vince Russo explained:

"Yeah, bro. I was hearing, another part I was hearing about that story was like, she kind of walked out and dissed Vince McMahon and like on the way out. That tells me a lot. Bro, when you are dissing Vince McMahon, you are at the 'I don't give a crap' point. Like, seriously, that's where you're at. Now, it's almost like you're begging to get fired. Like, please fire me," stated Russo.


Vince Russo on Charlotte Flair's standing in the WWE

Vince Russo feels WWE plays games with its talent and would not keep superstars who wish to work elsewhere.

However, the former WWE head writer understood the seriousness of Charlotte Flair's situation and empathized with her as he experienced a similar ordeal in WCW.

"That's the game they play," Russo continued. "Think about that game, Chris. This about that. You are the owner of a company. You're going to want people working there that don't want to be working there? Do you know how awful that is, bro? That's awful. This is bad. This is bad, bro. This is a bad situation. I really feel for her. I've been there, like, I've been there! I really feel bad for her."

As reported by talkSPORT, Vince McMahon was not happy with Charlotte as the Queen reportedly left the arena without speaking to the WWE boss after her heated argument with Becky Lynch.

Multiple reports have surfaced online regarding the backstage heat on Charlotte Flair, and most wrestling pundits, Vince Russo included, expect the established superstar to force her way out of the WWE.

Here's @THEVinceRusso's insight into the Becky Lynch / Charlotte Flair situation. ⬇️…

However, WWE might not be willing to grant her a release, and Vince Russo even explained why the officials could make Charlotte Flair's life miserable until the completion of her contract.

How do you see the entire Charlotte Flair saga unfolding in the coming months? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below, and don't miss out on the insightful "Writing with Russo" episode above.

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