"You're not hip" - Seth Rollins made an unnecessary 1985 reference on RAW, claims WWE veteran (Exclusive)

Rollins is in his second reign with the US Championship.
Rollins is in his second reign with the US Championship.

Seth Rollins featured in a backstage interview via satellite on this week's episode of RAW and made an interesting reference that might have hurt his character, as per Vince Russo.

The reigning United States Champion mentioned The Goonies, a 1985 adventure-comedy film written by Steven Speilberg that has attained cult status over the years. In case you missed it, here's what Rollins stated during his promo:

"I've got a Ph.D. in getting back up; I'm like the Goonies; I never say die."

Vince Russo wasn't too moved by Rollins' comment as he believed it didn't fit with his current kayfabe persona. Russo explained that the statement went against the former Shield member's attempts to portray himself as a "cool" and trendy superstar on TV.

Here's what the former WWE writer stated on the latest Legion of RAW episode:

"Seth Rollins is trying to be cool, and he is referencing a movie that I saw in the 1980s. Goonies. Like, you're telling me there that you're not cool, bro. You're not hip," claimed Russo. "And they did the same thing later on today, later on in the show, and I'll get to it when I find it. But bro, between, you know, War Pigs and Black Sabbath, Goonies?" [28:20 - 28:50]

Vince Russo added that including such old references wasn't helping WWE attract younger viewers.

He continued:

"This is supposed to be the hip, exciting? And they wonder why their audience is 50 years and older because Goonies came out in 1983, bro. That's why. So why are you referencing that?" [28:51 - 29:10]

Vince has closely observed the company's creative patterns and wasn't surprised to see them struggle to improve ratings in the 18-49 demographic.

Seth Rollins has a target on his back in WWE

As both the world titles are in Roman Reigns' possession on SmackDown, the United States Championship has emerged as the most sought-after belt on RAW.

Seth Rollins has a clear objective of increasing the title's prestige in the new regime, and Triple H has made things exciting by bringing in multiple challenges for the champion. While Bobby Lashley is the biggest threat to The Visionary's title run, Austin Theory has also returned to prominence following a massive character change.

As announced on RAW, Seth Rollins will defend the US Championship against Theory and Lashley at Survivor Series WarGames, and a title change could always be on the cards.

What are your predictions for Rollins' next title defense? Share them in the comments section below.

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