Zelina Vega explains her return to WWE and the time off

Zelina Vega returned to WWE last month
Zelina Vega returned to WWE last month

WWE SmackDown superstar Zelina Vega made her surprise return to WWE last month. She was introduced as one of the participants in the 2021 Women's Money In The Bank ladder match.

In a latest interview with Stephanie Chase at Digital Spy, Zelina Vega explained why she made her return to WWE.

"Well I think more than anything, WWE has always been a place that I felt like I had some kind of unfinished business with. For me, as a kid, you're like I want to be a champion and there are so many things you want to accomplish. Coming back, I set my eyes on the SmackDown Women's Championship. That's what I'm focused on the most and seeing where that takes me. After Bianca vs. Sasha, who knows. Will it be Bianca that remains champion or will it be Sasha? Either one, I'm coming after them and I can't wait for that," Zelina Vega said.

Zelina Vega spoke about her time off from wrestling

Zelina Vega was released from WWE in November 2020 reportedly due to a breach of contract. She took her time before making her return to WWE.

Further in the interview, she was asked about the importance of the break from wrestling and coming up with new ideas, Zelina stated that she had time for both. While she took the time to revitalize herself, she also worked on a lot of things and they are visible from her outfits.

Zelina Vega also stated that she felt the need to add more striking to her move set and added that she'll be able to display the new side of her against opponents like Toni Storm, Bianca Belair, and Sasha Banks.

"There are a lot of things you'll see now with my outfits, especially my jacket. I feel like I've taken them to a whole new level and how intricate they are and what certain things mean. Who I'm cosplaying and why, there is always a meaning. Then, feeling like I want to add more striking to my moves. As a manager, I never got to add too much of a lucha style to me. Now, I can display that, especially with people like Toni Storm, Bianca, and Sasha. It's cool to mix it up with them and see a whole new side of me."

You can watch the entire interview below.


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