Nick Aldis to suspend top star for lying, title match postponed - 4 ways the SmackDown GM can punish AJ Styles this week

AJ Styles
AJ Styles might face punishment from SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis. [Photo credit: WWE's YouTube Channel and]

Last week on WWE SmackDown, AJ Styles decided to defy the directives of Nick Aldis by feigning retirement, ultimately launching an assault on Cody Rhodes. Styles' motive behind this was to secure a potential rematch against The American Nightmare for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

However, with Styles going against the instructions of the SmackDown General Manager, he could face repercussions for his actions. In this article, we will discuss four ways in which Aldis can punish AJ Styles on this week's episode of the blue brand.

#4. Nick Aldis could suspend AJ Styles from SmackDown

One of the ways Aldis could punish the former WWE Champion is by temporarily suspending him from the blue brand due to him lying about this retirement and later assaulting Cody Rhodes. A few weeks ago on SmackDown, Styles requested the blue brand's GM for a rematch against Rhodes, which was declined. However, the veteran took the matter into his own hands and attacked The American Nightmare.

Previously, we have seen the SmackDown General Manager use his powers to suspend stars who defied his authority, including notable names such as Kevin Owens.

Given that AJ Styles faked his retirement and lied to Nick Aldis, the veteran's recent actions on SmackDown have certainly aggravated Aldis. This could lead to Styles being suspended from Friday Nights. Such a move would also add more heat to the ongoing narrative between Styles and SmackDown GM.

#3. A trade to Monday Night RAW could take place

Another way Nick Aldis could punish the 47-year-old star is by trading him to Monday Night RAW. Since this year's WWE Draft, there have already been murmuring about potential trades between both brands. So, It's probable that Aldis might decide to trade AJ Styles to the red brand after discussing it with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce.

The intention behind this move would be to punish the Phenomenal One, as being a RAW star would prevent him from challenging Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship rematch.

Meanwhile, this is something that Styles wants after defying the SmackDown General Manager. So taking about the chances of a rematch could be a great way to punish the veteran.

#2. Nick Aldis could put Styles in a number one contender match

When AJ Styles demanded a World Title rematch from Nick Aldis after losing at Backlash France, the General Manager stated that Styles would have to earn it this time. After his recent actions on the blue brand, Nick could decide to put The Phenomenal One in a number one contender's match instead of giving him a direct rematch against Cody Rhodes.

This could serve as another potential way to punish Styles, as by launching an attack on The American Nightmare, Styles intended to get a rematch without earning it.

#1. Nick Aldis might postpone Styles' rematch

The upcoming premium live event for WWE is Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland on June 15. So, another way Nick Aldis could punish AJ Styles is by postponing his potential rematch against Cody Rhodes. The assault on The American Nightmare indicates that Styles wants his rematch as soon as possible. He also mentioned to Aldis earlier that he doesn't have much time left in his career.

However, the SmackDown General Manager could punish the former Bullet Club leader by delaying his rematch, even if Styles has earned a title shot. This would result in AJ Styles not getting his rematch at Clash at the Castle. Such a move would surely frustrate the 47-year-old star.