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NXT (18 Jan, 2017): 5 Points to note

A glorious contract signing and a massive upset were this week's top stories.

Full Sail was electric for the contract signing

Watching NXT this week, we realised just how stacked the roster is. Every division has top talent from across the globe, each skilled enough to lead the massive NXT brand by the horns in the future. The episode in itself, was great, like every NXT episode usually is.

Most of the matches are set for NXT Takeover: San Antonio, and we can only count down the days until the juggernaut hits!

What good is a mega event without the build? We bring you five points to note, from a show that built brilliantly to the next Takeover on Royal Rumble weekend. Let’s travel to Full Sail and enjoy the proceedings.

#5 An epic contract signing 

Yes, Nakamura was glorious too, during the segment 

Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura signed the contract for their big ticket match at NXT Takeover: Dallas this week, inside Full Sail University. Right from the time their music played, the arena exploded and the crowd sang along to the themes of their favourite NXT Superstars, quite deafeningly.

Multiply this hundredfold, and you have a preview of what will happen at the Takeover next Sunday night. However, let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

We noted that Bobby Roode was absolutely brilliant on the microphone, building up the contest masterfully. Nakamura’s limited grasp of English was eclipsed by his charisma and Roode carried the promo on the microphone for both of them.

When Nakamura interjected by calling Roode ‘Shiba Inu’ or dog, the crowd played its part beautifully by dousing the heel in ‘Shiba Inu’ chants. The match really does have a big fight feel, and we cannot wait until the two men square off next Sunday.

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