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NXT-5 Points to note: 8th February, 2017

Wheels are in motion, on the road to NXT Takeover: Orlando.

A new monster heel was born on NXT, this week

Every Takeover event is a transition. A changeover of sorts. New storylines are written, new characters emerge as NXT prepares itself for the next big Takeover event. As we head into Takeover: Orlando, on Wrestlemania weekend, we are witnessing NXT like never before.

It is clear that SAnitY will play a major role in the months that follow and that Tye Dillinger will not move to the main roster right now at least. Let’s look at five highlights from this week’s show and take an in-depth look at what’s new with NXT this week.

#5 Dain made a monstrous impact

Is Killian going to be the next Braun Strowman?

SAnitY was involved in three segments this week, including two matches. In both the matches, it was Killian Dain who eventually picked up the pin fall. Dain is to SAnitY what Braun Strowman was to the Wyatt family. He certainly looks the part, despite the fact that his selling needs a lot more work.

The way he was booked to completely demolish The Bollywood Boyz pretty much reminded us of Braun Strowman’s squash matches on Raw, ever since the brand split.  

SAnitY looks poised to play an integral part in the months that follow on NXT. Be it the singles division (Eric Young), women’s division (Nikki Cross) or the tag-team division (Dain and Wolfe); SAnitY is bound to bring us insane times ahead.

The good news is the faction is also engaging the mid card of NXT and the many babyfaces who’ve not been in real story-driven programs for some time now. Roderick Strong and No Way Jose can definitely benefit from going toe-to-toe with such a heel unit. The six-man tag team match to end the show was very cool indeed.

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