NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 2 - Top 5 performers

Which NXT superstars stood out on Night 2 of TakeOver?
Which NXT superstars stood out on Night 2 of TakeOver?
Logan Turner

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 2 was everything we loved about Night 1 and then some. Once again, the black and gold brand has proven just how consistent its big shows can be by delivering a second night of captivating action.

Night 2 featured some of the most anticipated matches of the entire week. Fans were treated to pure wrestling clinics like Gargano vs. Reed. They witnessed the psychological warfare between Balor and Kross. The audience even laid eyes on the year's premiere grudge match in Cole vs. O'Reilly.

Everyone put on their working boots for this TakeOver. Every superstar on the card put on an admirable performance. It's honestly challenging to find a more complete wrestling show than this.

As with any card, some performers are naturally going to stand out more than their counterparts. Even at an event such as this, where everyone seemingly came out a winner, some stars shine brighter than others. Let's take a look at the 5 NXT Superstars who impressed the most on this night.

#5. Escobar proves he's the true NXT Cruiserweight Champion

Santos Escobar is the true Cruiserweight champ
Santos Escobar is the true Cruiserweight champ

Santos Escobar is now NXT's official Cruiserweight Champion. After a hard-fought match against Jordan Devlin, Escobar has proven once again why he's the true ace of the black and gold brand.

The two went back and forth in a classic ladder match. The bout harkened back to the iconic clash between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels, thanks to the effort of both men involved.

As great as Devlin was in the bout, Santos played his role perfectly. He wore down the Irishman with some devastating offense.

For a match that many figured would play into the duo's high-flying abilities, they surprisingly kept the match contained. The majority of the match was simply the two hitting each other with ladders in the most inventive ways possible.

This type of savage encounter played to Escobar's character strengths. His villainy came through brilliantly. His desperation to be recognized as the undisputed champion was on full display.

Either of these men could've made it onto this list. Escobar gets the nod as he was the one who stood atop the ladder, both belts in hand, at the end. Here's hoping for a prosperous reign for the true NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

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