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NXT Takeover- The Next Generation of Flair has finally arrived

2.70K   //    31 May 2014, 11:35 IST

It’s amazing to see someone like Charlotte have such a transformation in a matter of months. And Natalya finally had a match that showed a fraction of the immense wrestling skills that she possesses. There is no diva that can match Natalya in the ring, technically. But Charlotte’s victory is more symbolic of the complete character that she’s become. She looked every bit like the Next Generation of Flair is expected to be. The way she went on to slap Natalya with authority and the entire set of expressions that she carried with her throughout the match added to the drama and Ric Flair looked every bit stoked and was a very fanatic supporter ringside. One of the best moments of the night was Natalya doing the ‘Woooo’ while having Charlotte locked up in the Sharpshooter.

The match was not just technically sound but had a great atmosphere around it. the crowd was super thrilled. The story of two generations colliding and the fact that two of the greatest WWE superstars were at ringside only piled up excitement levels. This could have easily been the main event and this could have easily been one of the best main event that the WWE has provided all year round. And Charlotte has shown a kind of rise that the WWE, maybe, always wanted ever since Trish Stratus burst into the scene. Charlotte had been pretty lacking in the ring during her initial NXT days but look at her now. An immense amount of credit goes to Natalya and anyway Charlotte was facing the best technical worker in the divas division, so even if there were a few sloppy moments, Natalya was able to handle all of that with panache. And that worked in favor of this spectacular match which should be considered as a match of the year candidate. If anything, this was a pleasant surprise.

Charlotte won this spectacular battle and became the new NXT women’s champion. This shows WWE’s belief in Charlotte and after all she’s shown the kind of improvement that is closer to Trish Stratus’ than any other diva. Now that’s something the management will be happy about. Being the daughter of Ric Flair, she’ll obviously have the attention of the main roster crowd but with this match it is safe to say that she already has a few waiting for her arrival on the main roster. This year has been quite a game changer for the divas division. Paige and Alicia Fox are having a feud and that seems to be on notice thanks to the antics of the charismatic Alicia Fox. So there’s Paige, Natalya, Alicia, Charlotte and I hope AJ Lee returns and then we have a divas division that can provide incredible creative possibilities for the division.

Paige has been a phenomenal wrestler and her arrival has brought some change into the divas division but this match was by far the best match I’ve witnessed since Lita Vs Trish on Raw, 2004. Don’t get me wrong, there have been great matches after that eventful night in 2004 but most of them haven’t had the kind of excitement attached to it. That match between Lita and Trish happened in front of Lita’s hometown and Lita and Trish had a bitter rivalry. This match in 2014 happened in front of two of the greatest performers in the WWE and in front of a loyal NXT crowd. These two divas were expected to be closer to their lineage and they did it with style.

It has been said that the match between Trish and Lita in the main event has been shown many times over to the divas as part of their training. And now, maybe it’s time for the divas to take note of this match.

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