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Opinion: Bray Wyatt's new character should be given a chance

962   //    24 Apr 2019, 00:40 IST

Bray Wyatt is back!
Bray Wyatt is back!

Bray Wyatt made his much-anticipated return to WWE television last night, but not in the way fans thought he would. For the past several weeks, creepy vignettes were aired, teasing the return of Wyatt, which was made obvious by his signature laugh. Many fans thought he would return as a creepier character. However, that was not the case as last night, Wyatt appeared as what appears to be a host of a children's show called “Firefly Fun House”.

After you get over the “What did I just see?” shock factor of things, you realize that this may not be a bad thing and might be exactly what Wyatt needs. Wyatt’s character ever since his debut had been the same: a cult leader who would attack a random babyface, talk gibberish in promos leading up to the match, and then go on to lose. This cycle would continue for years until his return at last year’s WrestleMania, where he assisted Matt Hardy in winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. While we still don’t know exactly what Wyatt’s new character is all about, it is definitely outside-the-box and a huge pivot from his prior gimmick. 

A major takeaway from this development is the fact that it has got the WWE Universe curious and interested in Wyatt again. As much as fans love Bray, it is fair to say that some were getting tired of seeing him do the same thing over and over again. When his promo aired, it had everyone talking. The general reaction trends ranged from mass confusion to excitement. Everyone was talking about it and that is what WWE wants. It will be interesting to see where Wyatt goes with this: Will he be a deranged Mr. Rogers or Steve from Blue's Clues? Will he have a split personality? Will he revert back to his “old ways” after a while? No one knows, but everyone is intrigued and should give this a chance.