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Opinion: Did Bray Wyatt predict the destruction of the Firefly Fun House before it happened?

Aryan Tiwari
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:46 IST


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Sportskeeda.

This week's RAW episode was quite surprising. While there were no returns or draft shockers (except for maybe Andrade), the biggest surprise was that WWE was continuing with The Fiend/Seth Rollins storyline for the Universal Title.

The two men will now face each other in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at October 31st's Crown Jewel pay-per-view. With Wyatt now a part of SmackDown and the Hell in a Cell Match not exactly getting a positive reaction, fans were already questioning the decision to continue the feud. 

Then it was time for Firefly Fun House, but this time things were different. No one knows how, but Seth Rollins was able to make it to the Fun House, where he not only attacked Wyatt, but also burned the entire set to the ground.

Unlike the Orton/Wyatt segment in 2017, The Fiend was seen laughing at the fire, while the other Firefly Fun House characters were desperately trying to stop Rollins.

It was rather surprising to find out that Wyatt had already hinted that Firefly Fun House would burn down mere days before the event took place.

Read the above tweet carefully. Like other cryptic Bray Wyatt tweets, this one didn't make sense until this week's RAW concluded. 


The first line tells us about the mask that WWE's beloved Universal Champion wears. The mask has hidden the fact that Rollins was once a ruthless heel. The Universal Champion has even been behaving like a heel in recent times. The Fiend may have been able to bring this out of Rollins, proving that the Universal Champion is indeed someone who wears a mask to hide his evil persona.

The second line describes Wyatt and is in complete contrast to the first. This line speaks about how Wyatt wears a mask to set free the evil forces within himself, leading to him transitioning into The Fiend. 

The third line is an obvious reference to the main event of RAW, with the WWE Universe 'watching' as Wyatt's 'world' was 'burning'.

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The fourth line indicates that Wyatt was able to foresee the attack on the Firefly Fun House, while the fifth line may be a reference to the Fun House characters, who tried their best to stop Rollins from burning their beloved house down.

So, is the Bray Wyatt character somehow able to see the future? Was his plea to Rollins a way to give the Universal Champion a final chance to back off something that will affect him for the rest of his career? Is Wyatt going to win the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel?

In my opinion, The Fiend is indeed winning the Universal Championship at the Saudi PPV and this will be WWE's way to make Wyatt a dual-branded superstar, allowing the former WWE Champion to appear on both RAW and SmackDown. Yes, it goes contrary to the Wild Card Rule ending, but there is currently no one better for ratings than The Fiend. His presence on both shows could indeed go a long way.

What are your views on Wyatt's current arc, dear readers? Do drop in your valuable opinion in the comments box below!

Published 17 Oct 2019, 16:30 IST
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