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Opinion: Is 'Woken' Matt Hardy already failing?

David Cullen
1.61K   //    06 Feb 2018, 00:26 IST

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As reported earlier, Anthem/Impact Wrestling and WWE superstar Matt Hardy have finally come to terms on Matt owning all the rights to everything that was ever used for his 'Broken' persona in Impact Wrestling.

This has led many fans to wonder what aspects, if anything, from the 'Broken Universe' will be brought to WWE TV. Matt can now legally use the Brother Nero gimmick, Vanguard 1, Señor Benjamin, Reby, Maxel, WWE versions of 'The Final Deletion', Tag Team Apocalypto and more. He can also change his name from 'Woken Matt Hardy' to 'Broken' Matt Hardy. Keep in mind though, Matt may be legally allowed to use them, but it is up to WWE if he will or not. Personally, I doubt they will use any of them, including the 'Broken' name since Matt has been pushed on TV as 'Woken' for over two months now. 

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What we do know for sure is that WWE needs to continue to build Matt up. In recent weeks, it seems like WWE hasn't been pushing him as hard as they were in the beginning, which includes a quick three minute near squash loss to Bray Wyatt on the 25th Anniversary episode of Raw. If not pushed effectively, 'Woken' Matt Hardy may fail as quickly as he succeeded in Impact Wrestling. Matt has hinted in various tweets that we will see Vanguard 1, Reby Hardy and Señor Benjamin joining him on WWE TV, but that seems rather hard to believe, at least at this point in time.

I think what WWE should focus on, for the time being, is more backstage skits, promos and segments involving Matt being more 'Broken', such as when he was playing chess with Napoleon in his fish vessel. Matt doesn't have full creative control but does apparently have a lot of say in what 'Woken Matt Hardy' will be doing every week, so I hope he can convince the creative team to film some segements in his compound, which would certainly give his gimmick more of a 'Broken' feel and build him up much more.

Hopefully Matt will be able to convince WWE to change his name to 'Broken' Matt Hardy, and bring over everything that made this persona so successful in Impact Wrestling, now that he can legally use everything.

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