Opinion: Mandy Rose is better than "The Man" Becky Lynch

  • While "The Man's" fans may shun it as blasphemy, "The Golden Goddess" claims otherwise!
Johny Payne
Modified 05 Apr 2019, 07:01 IST

Mandy Rose (left and center) is a better WWE Superstar than Becky Lynch (right)
Mandy Rose (left and center) is a better WWE Superstar than Becky Lynch (right)

Mandy Rose is undoubtedly one of the most underrated sports-entertainers in the world today. Rose, who presently performs for the SmackDown Live brand of the WWE, found herself on the receiving end of a considerable amount of absurdly harsh criticism upon first entering the world of professional wrestling via the WWE reality series "Tough Enough".

Despite facing several challenges in her transition from the world of fitness and modelling, to that of pro-wrestling; Rose not only proved her physical prowess, but also solidified her excellence with regard to the realm of mental fortitude.

Rose started off her professional wrestling career in the WWE; performing for the NXT brand from 2015 until her main roster debut on Monday Night RAW in late-2017. On the other hand, Becky Lynch made her professional wrestling debut back in 2002, and despite having to deal with serious head injury issues which severely limited her ability to wrestle from 2006 to 2013, Lynch finally made it to the WWE's NXT brand in 2013.

From there onwards, Lynch earned several accolades in the WWE, including capturing the SmackDown Women's Championship on a couple of occasions, besides also winning the 2019 WWE Women's Royal Rumble matchup. Regardless, as is common knowledge, what truly catapulted Lynch into stardom, was her adopting on-screen rival Charlotte Flair's father Ric Flair's nickname, "The Man".

Lynch began promoting herself as "The Man" -- after having turned heel on Charlotte and betraying her at SummerSlam 2018. The proud Irishwoman is said to have adopted a persona that's inspired by her fellow Ireland native MMA icon and global megastar Conor McGregor. Akin to McGregor's brash real-life avatar; Lynch ensures that her on-screen character in the WWE is neither a babyface nor a heel, but somewhat of an anti-hero.

Nevertheless, despite her accolades as well as the current wave she's riding, as regards her popularity in the WWE Universe, Lynch's on-screen character hasn't really been able to connect with fans in her promos. In fact, it mayn't be an overstatement to assert, that most of Lynch's fiery promo work is done by her via Twitter; whereas her actual on-screen promos in the WWE seem to pale in comparison.

On the contrary, when you observe Mandy Rose, it's indeed crystal clear that "The Golden Goddess" absolutely excels in the promo department, and doesn't need the assistance of a social media platform such as Twitter to put forth her character's arguments in an effective manner.

For those unaware, Rose has a bachelor's degree from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, and majored in Speech Pathology. Considering that, it's no surprise to see this talented young lady dish out passionate promos as though they were donuts on "Damandyz Donutz" -- the YouTube show featuring Rose and fellow SmackDown Live Superstar Sonya Deville.


In a nutshell, one can only say that as much as we all love "The Man" Becky Lynch, Mandy Rose trumps the former in the promo department as well as with her undeniably magnetic presence -- which, I ought to add, is something that could be deemed as a key reason behind her being referred to as "God's Greatest Creation".

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Published 05 Apr 2019, 07:01 IST
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