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Opinion: Reason why Seth Rollins is the most improved WWE Superstar of the year 2018 so far

Harsh Agrawal
1.47K   //    31 Aug 2018, 01:06 IST

Enter capt
The Kingslayer

Seth is having the time of his life with the WWE Intercontinental Title. He has made that title even more prestigious than it was. I think it is safe to say he is having the best year when compared to others on the WWE roster.

The matches we are continuously getting from him are wonderful. His match against The Miz at Backlash is easily the 'Match of the Year' candidate. He particularly started showing significant improvement after the Gauntlet Match in February where he laid it all on the line in his ongoing effort to re-establish himself as "the man".

The Kingslayer entered at #2, and competed without interruption for an hour and five minutes, eliminating Roman Reigns (#1), and John Cena (#3) in the process. Though he could not win that match, the effort he showed was just a tip of the iceberg with regards what was to come in a few months.

His magnificent reign as the Intercontinental Champion started at Wrestlemania 34 when he took it away from The Miz in a triple-threat match also involving Finn Balor. Though he has held titles like the United States, Tag team, and WWE Championships earlier in his career, it was the Intercontinental Title that truly made him a champion.

With the Universal Championship not on the show regularly, fans were just happy that they at least had a good Intercontinental Champion.

He went on to have great matches with Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Elias, and Kevin Owens throughout the summer. He then lost the title to Ziggler in July on Raw.

Then we got to see another side of Rollins as he was anxious to get the title back, and still continued to play the babyface. It has felt like he cannot put a wrong foot forward this year. He finally got his title back at SummerSlam with a little help from Dean Ambrose.

Winning it for the 1st time

Another thing that has helped him get better is getting to use his finisher - The Curb Stomp again. He was previously banned from using it by WWE as it was too dangerous, but then they allowed Seth to use it again after nearly three years.

It is a finisher that has defined Rollins throughout his WWE career, so it is great that he uses it once again instead of The Pedigree.

He may not have held the Universal Title (Raw's top title) this year, but the magic that he is creating with the Intercontinental Title more than makes up for it. Besides, he does not need that right now.

He could easily finish this year being the Intercontinental Champion and still be regarded as the best and most improved WWE Superstar of 2018.

He has a lot going on in the show also with The Shield's reunion, his championship reign, his feud with Ziggler and McIntyre, and now possibly with Braun as well. It's all very exciting and intriguing.

I am sure WWE fans are waiting to see what else he brings to the table this year. I think the best of Rollins is still to come this year.

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