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Opinion: The Fiend must win the Universal Championship in 2019

Published Sep 26, 2019
Sep 26, 2019 IST

The Fiend is on fire
The Fiend is on fire

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this piece are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of Sportskeeda

If you told the WWE Universe two years ago that Bray Wyatt would be the hottest thing going in the fall of 2019, not many people would believe you. After seeing him lose high-profile feuds to everyone from John Cena to The Undertaker to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, any credibility he had left was shot.

He was supposed to be one of the biggest stars of the new generation, but was booked to practically lose every feud in which he participated. Even the feud with Daniel Bryan ended, and Bryan became a Champion and Wyatt did not. While he did win the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber prior to WrestleMania 33, he dropped it to Randy Orton at The Show of Shows.

So how could a person who had talked up such a big game yet lost every program be taken seriously again? Well, you take him off TV for almost a year and allow him to craft one of the most unique gimmicks in wrestling history.

That's just what happened with the former leader of the Wyatt Family. Gone was the bayou preacher and in came the sweater-clad kids' show host with a severe dark side. We knew something was up due to the dark nature of his set and presentation in the Firefly Fun House. It didn't take long for him to introduce us to the Fiend.

The Fiend was the highlight of SummerSlam and his mere presence alone at shows provides an incredible moment every time he appears. He's targeted the biggest name on RAW in Seth Rollins who just happens to be the Universal Champion. And although Rollins has carried RAW on his back for the better part of two years, it's time to put the big red belt around The Fiend.

Almost all of the promotion for the Hell in a Cell PPV has been around Wyatt and his challenge of Rollins. It has its own promo and is one of the more anticipated matches of the year. ( carried the promo)

His entrance in official matches is being saved for PPVs and Wyatt is hotter than ever. That's why it is imperative for the WWE to strike while the iron is hot and make him the next Universal Champion.


It may not happen at HIAC because Braun Strowman may be involved like Brock Lesnar was last year and cause a no-contest. That would necessitate another PPV match in which he could win the title. If WWE simply has him challenge for the title and lose, it will make all the great work he has done to rehabilitate his character for naught.

They've also spent a lot of time and effort into getting him over as the new face of fear in the WWE. If he's vanquished in only his second big feud since returning, then he's heading back to his prior character's role as big talker with no real follow through.

The WWE missed out with opportunities when both Braun Strowman and Rusev were red hot over the last two years. They cannot afford to do the same with The Fiend. That's why he must capture the title in 2019 in order to both save himself and the WWE from missing out on another huge star-making moment. Rollins is bulletproof and can easily recover; Wyatt cannot recover from dropping another big feud.

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