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Opinion: What Should WWE Do With Shelton Benjamin

David Cullen
3.46K   //    10 Aug 2018, 07:10 IST

A lot
A lot of stopping him, now

It has been just about 2 months now since we last saw Shelton Benjamin on WWE Smackdown.

The former WWE Intercontinental, United States, and Tag Team Champion has been spending all this time healing at home from some nagging injuries. Although some have speculated that Shelton is good to go and WWE just don't have anything for him creatively at the moment.

Regardless of that being true or not, Shelton should be returning to TV sooner, rather than later, but, what is there for him to do? Shelton has spent the majority of his WWE return teaming up with Chad Gable. They had a short but decent run until Chad was drafted over to RAW on the post-WrestleMania Superstar Shake Up back in April. Since then, the only notable thing that the former 'Gold Standard' has done, is a victory over Randy Orton on Smackdown at the end of April.

Once Shelton does return to TV, I can't see him being treated as the top mid-carder he once was, so what else could they do with him?

During b
During better times

I can't ever see WWE doing this, but what I think they should do is have Shelton jump ship to RAW and take part in an angle that he was allegedly planned for him back in 2016, before his torn rotator cuff kept him out of action. Word going around during August 2016 was that WWE was planning a new stable, to be led by Dolph Ziggler.

The group would have consisted of Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Shelton Benjamin, and possibly more, and would collectively be known as the 'Brass Ring Club'. Together, they would do a series of worked shoots about having all the tools, yet still being kept down by the company. The rumours and ideas certainly intrigued fans, but the idea came to an indefinite halt when Benjamin's return was held off for the year.

Today over on RAW, Dolph Ziggler and his formally equally underrated partner Drew McIntyre are doing pretty well for themselves and only look to be going even further. I would love to see WWE revive the planned 'Brass Ring Club' and have it as a trio, with Dolph and Drew being joined by Shelton Benjamin. As the 'Brass Ring Club', Shelton, Dolph and Drew could be a huge threat to top RAW stars, and maybe even have a great series of matches with a potentially reunited Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as The Shield.

The 'Brass Ring Club' has ratings, top-tier feuds and quality television written all over it and would make Shelton Benjamin the main event player he always should have been.

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