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Opinion : Why Seth Rollins should lose the Intercontinental Championship

645   //    15 Sep 2018, 04:09 IST

Elias could use the rub from the IC title
Elias could use the rub from the IC title

Seth Rollins arrived at the main roster with a bang with the Shield, but his career truly peaked when he betrayed his brothers and turned heel. From then on, he went on to become a Triple Crown and a Grand Slam champion. At present, he has reunited with the Shield and is the current Intercontinental Champion.

Rollins has been on fire since beating Reigns and Cena in the same night in a gauntlet match and has been a worthy IC champ defending the title every week with his Intercontinental Open Challenges.

Rollins won the IC title for the second time in his career after beating Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam, but, a day later, the Shield reunited and his entire focus has been on the stable. Now he and Dean Ambrose are slated to fight tag team champions Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell.

Both teams would be colliding at Hell in a Cell
Both teams would be colliding at Hell in a Cell

While Rollins entering the tag title scene with Ambrose is a good sign for the division, the IC title hasn't appeared on TV ever since the Shield reunited, and is not even on the Hell in a Cell card.

It doesn't mean that the title is being devalued or won't get attention in the future, but in this feud of the Shield vs Strowman and The Show, Rollins is likely to be embroiled in the tag division. So, it would be better for him to drop the IC title and solely focus on tag matches.

Rollins has held two titles at once before and can do it again, but it would relegate Ambrose to the third wheel in the group with Reigns having the top championship and Rollins being a double champ. Ambrose, despite being a champion, would remain a tier down from his fellow brothers.

Shield members are supposed to be equals
Shield members are supposed to be equals

Being a double champ, especially when you're not on good terms with the authority, won't be an easy task.

Its often said that a man makes the title but in some cases, a title could be the one making the man. Superstars like Elias can get a lot of rub and momentum with the IC title around their waist. It could help to elevate them from mid card status to upper mid card and possibly main event status in the near future.

IC title could provide Elias some much needed direction
The IC title could provide Elias some much needed direction

The Intercontinental championship can even elevate other feuds as well, such as Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley. With the title on the line, there would be so much more to fight for and even provide the superstars involved with the championship limelight.


While the Intercontinental Championship is in safe hands with Rollins, it would be better for the rest of the RAW roster if he drops the title while he is embroiled in tag team division. It would do so much more for someone who needs the rub than for Rollins, on whom it would be just another title while he is in the tag division at present.

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