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Predictions or Facts? WWE Clash Of Champions

We present to you Clash Of Champions predictions (possibly 100% accurate) .

Every championship is on the line. Well, every Raw championship, at least.

This weekend, get ready to see all the Raw brand belts defended at Clash of Champions! Does that sound a little off to you, too? Didn’t it use to be something like Night Of The Champions or Clash Of The Night Champs or Nights Of The Clash Table or something? Just me? Cool, whatever…

So we got 5 championship matches: Universal, Raw Women’s, United States, Raw Tag Team, and the newly returning (kinda sorta) Cruiserweight belts. The Cruiserweight was originally a Smackdown belt between 2001-2007, and before that it was a WCW exclusive, starting in 1991. Technically it’s the oldest belt being defended this Sunday besides the US belt, which is weird and confusing and history is hard for a dum-dum like me...

...but I’m excited! There are some pretty great matches on the card, with some pretty great wrestlers. And I feel like we haven’t had a Pay Per View in like, a fortnight. That’s a super long measurement of time, right? So let’s get into my personal predictions for WWE Presents: Raw Presents: Clash Of Champions!

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