Ranking all 16 WWE Superstars who have lost 500-plus matches: What's Randy Orton and Seth Rollins' loss count?

Randy Orton and Seth Rollins
Randy Orton and Seth Rollins

Being a WWE Superstar isn't all roses. A WWE Superstar needs to be on the road for the majority of the year, and they usually don't get much time to spend with their families. With WWE now having become a global corporation, it produces more wrestling content on a weekly basis than it ever has in the past.

WWE Superstars perform on a regular basis, and there's a long string of wrestlers who have wrestled in more than 1000 matches. A short while ago, we focused on WWE Superstars with 400-plus wins in their careers. In this list though, we will be taking a look at all 16 WWE Superstars who have lost more than 500 matches.

(Credits to ProFightDB for the data used in this article. The article only considers appearances on WWE RAW and SmackDown, and not NXT, OVW, or FCW)

#15-#13 Fandango, Primo, and Natalya


The list kicks off at No. 15 with Fandango, a WWE Superstar who made waves back in mid-2013. Fandango's biggest win came at WrestleMania 29, where he defeated Chris Jericho. Things only went downhill since then. He has lost a total of 507 matches.

Primo was best known in WWE as the younger brother of Carlito. The duo became the first-ever WWE Unified Tag Team Champions when they defeated John Morrison and The Miz at WrestleMania 25. Primo has lost 509 matches in his career as a WWE Superstar.

Natalya is a former WWE Women's Champion

Natalya is still going strong in WWE. She bags the No. 13 spot, with 511 losses. She has been with WWE for over a decade now. Initially, she was a part of The Hart Dynasty along with Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith. She became a mainstay in the WWE Women's division and is a former SmackDown Women's as well as a Divas Champion.

#12-#10 Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, and Seth Rollins

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

At No. 12, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho share the same number of losses, i.e. 523. Orton is the current WWE Champion in his 14th reign, while Jericho is doing well for himself in All Elite Wrestling. Jericho was the first-ever AEW World Champion, an accolade he achieved after defeating Adam Page last year. He lost the belt to Jon Moxley earlier this year.

Kofi Kingston has come a long way in WWE

At No. 11, we have former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Kingston has lost 539 matches in his WWE career. He has nothing to be ashamed of though, as he has been with the company for more than a decade at this point, and won the WWE title at The Grandest Stage Of Them All, WrestleMania 35.

Former Universal Champion Seth Rollins takes the No. 10 spot, with 549 losses. The Monday Night Messiah recently lost his moniker when he was drafted to WWE SmackDown during the 2020 Draft. Rollins is one of the biggest Superstars of this generation and is a guaranteed future Hall of Famer.

#9-#7 Cesaro, Titus O'Neil, and Big Show


The No. 9 spot goes to Cesaro, dubbed by many as one of the most criminally underrated WWE Superstars in recent memory. He has lost 567 matches so far. Cesaro's biggest win came at WWE WrestleMania 30. He won the first-ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but this win didn't lead to a main event run. His entire WWE career ever since then has been a big "what if".

At No. 8, we have Titus O'Neil, with 575 losses in his bag. O'Neil has spent the majority of his WWE career as a lower-card talent. Back in 2018, O'Neil made a hilarious botch while attempting to sprint towards the ring at The Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The slip garnered major mainstream attention and was the subject of a bunch of hilarious memes on Twitter.

Big Show's jump from WCW to WWE proved to be the right decision in the long term

WWE legend Big Show is at No. 7, with 600 losses. Big Show's almost 20-year career is certainly one to be proud of, as he won several major titles during his run, including two WWE title reigns.

#6-#4 Cody, Jack Swagger, and Heath Slater

Heath Slater
Heath Slater

At No. 6, there's AEW TNT Champion Cody. During his decade-long WWE career, Cody remained a mid-card act, and never managed to win the big one. He has 628 losses in his bag. Cody is currently the EVP of All Elite Wrestling and is one of the most beloved babyfaces in all of pro-wrestling.

Jake Hager won his only WWE World title right after WrestleMania 26

AEW star, Jake Hager is at No. 5. Hager, formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE, is a former World Heavyweight Champion. He also won the Money in the Bank briefcase at WWE WrestleMania 26, soon after which the match was taken out of the event and turned into its own pay-per-view. He has lost 636 matches during his WWE stint.

At No. 4, we have Heath Slater. He rose to fame as a member of the notorious faction, The Nexus, back in 2010. One by one, members of the faction kept getting released, but Slater (and Daniel Bryan) somehow managed to keep his job, and won a bunch of tag team titles. He has lost 684 matches in WWE and was released by the company earlier this year.

#3-#1 Dolph Ziggler, Kane, and The Miz

The Miz
The Miz

The top 3 kicks off with Dolph Ziggler, who has lost 726 matches in WWE. Ziggler has spent the better part of his WWE career as a mid-card Superstar and has been extensively used to elevate young talent. He did have his moment in the spotlight though, as he is a former Money in the Bank winner and a World Champion as well.

WWE legend Kane is currently a politician and hasn't made an appearance for the company in a long time. Kane holds the No. 2 spot, with 783 losses. He made his WWE debut in 1997 and had a decorated career over the next several years. He is a former World Champion as well.

The Miz's journey from Reality TV star to WWE Champion is certainly an inspiring one

The No. 1 spot goes to former WWE Champion The Miz. He has been with WWE for around 15 years now and has headlined WrestleMania with John Cena. The Miz has lost a whopping 878 matches so far in WWE. He is one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in WWE history, and it's safe to say that he's one of the most selfless wrestlers out there and has never had an issue putting someone over inside the squared circle.

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