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Ranking all WWE Pay Per Views in 2018 from Worst to Best (so far) 

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We have some many great matches this year

WWE has been quite inconsistent in the year 2018 where Pay Per Views are concerned. Especially after WrestleMania 34, when they decided to go back to the dual-branded PPV model, WWE has provided some of the worst content on Pay Per View (Backlash and Greatest Royal Rumble), in quite some time.

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Fortunately, WWE managed to come out of this post-WrestleMania distress and finally produced a banger like Money in the Bank, which turned the momentum tide back in WWE's favour for the time being.

But it's time to look back at the half-year mark and rank every Pay Per View (single and dual brand) from absolute worst to best, evaluating the good, bad and ugly.

#6 Backlash

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Even matches that had huge potential ended up disappointing

What a terrible show! It was an absolute disaster of an event. Almost every finish was tainted by controversy and fan apathy. With the exception of Seth Rollins and The Miz, nobody got over following this show. Major stars like Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Asuka and Ronda Rousey were missing, which derails any momentum they had.

The Good: Rollins vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship was the match of the night. An excellent match, just proving how good Rollins and The Miz really are in the ring. Although the Elias, New Day, Rusev Day, No Way Hose and Bobby Roode segment was divided, it proved to be a light and entertaining few minutes.

The Bad: Everything else on the show, especially the main event between Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns which was a complete snoozefest, raided with rest-holds and boring comeback sequences. Styles-Nakamura and Hardy-Orton disappointed. The night reached new heights of boredom.

The Ugly: KO and Sami Zayn utterly squashed by Lashley and Strowman were not required. And the finish to the Carmella-Charlotte match was horrible, which is even more frustrating considering Charlotte just ended Asukas streak.

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