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Ranking each WWE Championship's current spot on the main roster

  • Not every WWE Championship is created and booked in the same manner.
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Modified 05 Mar 2019, 15:15 IST

Which titles are treated like the gold that represent them and which aren
Which titles are treated like the gold that represent them and which aren't?

A lot can be revealed regarding titles in WWE when you look at several things, including who is holding the title and how frequently the championship is defended or booked.

When the Intercontinental Title was booked in the 1990s, it was usually a precursor to a superstar joining the main event.

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It happened for Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and Triple H. Even Chris Jericho became a nine-time IC Champion.

But just because someone holds a title, it doesn't mean that it will be treated as a worthy goal or booked like something worth fighting for.

The US Championship is as historical as the IC title but is often an afterthought on SmackDown and PPVs.

It could return to the prominence it should have if some booking decisions around it were better, like longer reigns, more focus on it and exciting superstars holding it.

Since the Women's Tag Team Titles were just added to the roster, it's far too early to predict just how WWE will book the titles and in what regard the titles will be held in. They will be defended across brands, making it the first recent title to be used in that fashion.

So just which titles are the top ones in WWE based on booking and focus and which ones should be ranked higher than they currently are? Here they are ranked from lowest to highest in WWE's pecking order.


#9 US Title

What's the end game with R-Truth as US Champion in 2019?

Current Champion/Former Champion: R-Truth/Shinsuke Nakamura

How long he/she will be champion: Will probably lose title before 'Mania

Unfortunately for the Superstars not in the main event of SmackDown, they get the honour of battling for the United States Championship.

While it once was a respected and honoured championship, it seems like the least important of the titles in WWE.

The champions are rarely on episodes of SmackDown and the belt has changed hands in less than two days twice in the last year.

Not to mention the fact that it is routinely placed on the pre-shows of PPVs much like the Cruiserweight Championship.

While it isn't booked in the best terms, it certainly could if they went back to featuring both singles champions weekly while slowly rebuilding the title.

As it sits, R-Truth won the title from Shinsuke Nakamura two days after Nakamura won it at the Royal Rumble.

If titles are supposed to mean something, there needs to be more to the reigns and more focus placed on promoting it as a title worthy of chasing rather than a prop that shows up once a month on television.

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Published 05 Mar 2019, 15:15 IST
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