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Ranking every MITB briefcase cash-in ahead of the MITB PPV

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John Cena failed to win the WWE Championship
John Cena failed to win the WWE Championship

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view is around the corner, coming up on the 17th of June. The pay-per-view is set to feature two Money in the Bank ladder matches, one each for the men and women. The pay-per-view is to be a dual-branded pay-per-view, with four men and four women from each brand for their respective matches. 

Over the years, WWE Superstars have won the contract, who then went on to cash it in and achieve glory. The briefcase has also seen its share of failures. Not all of the winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase caught hold of the brass ring which came their way.

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The opportunity slipped away from their grasp, while they were left scrambling trying to find their feet. While some were unsuccessful in the cash-in attempt itself, others went on to lose the title later due to their own mistakes. Looking back, however, the Money in the Bank briefcase has helped to kickstart the career of many a star in a main-event level.

In this list, we will be ranking each of the Money in the Bank cash-ins by all twenty briefcase winners from worst to best. Twenty Money in the Bank Matches took place, but there were only nineteen cash-ins as Carmella's initial victory was cancelled due to Ellsworth's involvement. 

#19 John Cena (2012)

John Cena headed into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2012
John Cena headed into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2012

Shock Value: 0/10

Impact: 0/10

The first person to not win a WWE Championship by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase happens to be John Cena. Ironically enough, Cena was not able to successfully cash in the contract, despite the odds being in his favour. 

There was little to no shock value, as he announced his intentions of cashing in the WWE contract against CM Punk early on, giving him sufficient time to prepare. He was still about to pick up the victory, but interference by Big Show saw his Championship hopes fall by the wayside. 

His inability to win the match meant his cash-in had no impact on the wrestling world, other than fans realising for the first time a briefcase win was not a guaranteed future WWE Championship. 

You can watch John Cena take on CM Punk here:

#18 Damien Sandow (2013)

Damien Sandow faced Cena to try and win the WWE Championship
Damien Sandow faced Cena to try and win the WWE Championship

Damien Sandow won the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2013, when he turned his back on Cody Rhodes. The 'Intellectual Saviour of the Masses' had big plans for the WWE Championship contract. He looked to make sure there was no danger when he eventually did cash in, attacking John Cena the day after his Hell in a Cell match with Alberto Del Rio. 

Sandow took Cena out with everything he had at hand. While Cena's arm hung at his side, it looked like there was nothing to stop Sandow from winning his championship against Cena.

Instead, WWE booked Cena as a superman once again. Sandow's match against Cena drew critical praise for the star, but in the end, Cena persevered. Sandow became the first person to fail to win the Money in the Bank without any outside interference. 

You can watch Damien Sandow's cash in here:

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