Ranking the 5 greatest Survivor Series elimination matches of all time

Divesh Merani
Modified 16 Nov 2018
Top 5 / Top 10

#4 Team WWF vs Team Alliance (2001)

Look at the star power.
Look at the star power.

This match the blowoff to the heavily-botched Invasion angle, a storyline that saw so much potential but was wasted by the WWE just like that. It was a real missed opportunity for the company, who had put a compromised version of what fans were hoping for.

Despite all the problems with the angle, this 5-on-5 match between Team WWF and Team Alliance was filled with ridiculous star power, as evidenced by the above picture. Along with the likes of Austin, Rock, Undertaker and Jericho among the others, there were two representatives of outside promotions in Booker T and Rob Van Dam.

This match, while slightly over-booked, was electric for its entire epic length as WWE attempted to construct the best possible ending to a terrible story. The crowd was so into this match and rightly so, with huge moments throughout the bout. Shane McMahon was a presence throughout as he eliminated The Big Show, before constant interference in the match.

Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle switched sides after their eliminations from the match, as The Rock picked up the win for Team WWF by finally pinning his longtime rival, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. This was probably the most epic-feeling Survivor Series match of all time, but not the best.

Published 16 Nov 2018, 13:00 IST
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