Ranking the 5 greatest Survivor Series elimination matches of all time

Divesh Merani
Modified 16 Nov 2018
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#3 Team Cena vs Team Authority (2014)

This was the only good thing in the dire last months of 2014.
This was the only good thing in the dire last months of 2014.

After 2005, Survivor Series as a concept felt dead. There was no edge to it at all and it felt like just another random pay-per-view. There were hardly any stakes to the elimination matches, until 2014. The Authority had been running roughshod over the WWE for more than a year and while they were pegged back by the likes of Daniel Bryan and The Shield, they always stood strong.

The stipulation in play was that if Team Authority lost to Team Cena, the villainous corporate stable would disband. This was an incredibly unpredictable match, filled with possible narrative turns that could be taken.

John Cena led his team consisting of himself, Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback against Triple H's handpicked side of Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper. This match got a whole lot of time to develop and took a huge turn when The Big Show turned heel for the 478th time and betrayed his teammates, leaving Dolph Ziggler against Kane, Harper and Rollins.

After a gutsy performance, Ziggler would win the match for his team thanks to a debuting Sting. This moment was extremely surreal, even if the aftermath was a disappointment. The Authority would return by the end of the year and Sting's WWE career did not go that well, but we will always have Team Cena vs Team Authority from Survivor Series 2014.

Published 16 Nov 2018
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