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Ranking the Main Events In TLC PPV History

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25.13K   //    27 Nov 2016, 15:04 IST
This year is the 8th TLC event

TLC 2016 marks the 8th time WWE has run this event that features at least one eponymous TLC match as well as matches that single out the table, ladder and chair aspects of the show's name.

A Tables match is the only match that hasn’t been the main event of a show, although Sheamus did win his first WWE Championship by defeating John Cena in a tables match at this event, but a TLC match for the Tag Team Championship was the main event.

There have been 7 TLC PPVs, and those shows have seen, as their main events, 5 TLC matches, one Ladder Match and one Chairs match. They have mostly been good matches, but obviously, some have been better than others.

Here are the rankings, from worst to best, of the 7 main events in TLC history.

#7 John Cena def. Wade Barrett - Chairs Match, TLC 2010

Right before a literal burial

The second-ever TLC event saw the culmination of the rivalry between John Cena and The Nexus, a team led by Wade Barrett.

Even though he had done nothing but make them look inept, Cena was somehow stuck as a member of the team and was even “fired” from WWE after losing a match to Randy Orton thanks to Wade Barrett not being an impartial referee in a WWE Title match.

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Cena made Barrett look like an idiot for weeks until he was hired back, and then made Barrett look like a bigger idiot by dominating the Chairs match that Barrett himself challenged Cena to have. It was a boring match with the obvious “Cena wins” outcome.

After the match was over, which served as a metaphorical burial of Wade Barrett and The Nexus, Cena actually buried Barrett under a gigantic pile of chairs, thus solidifying the metaphor with a literal burial.

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