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Ranking the top 10 tag teams in the world today

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Superkick party circa 2018.

Tag team wrestling is an acquired taste, so-to-speak. There is a select number of stars who have the necessary chemistry needed to be a successful tag team wrestler. When you have a quality tag team in the ring, going against a duo with the same skill level, magical, show-stopping moments are prone to occur.

In the past, tag team wrestling was respected on a higher level than what we are experiencing today. A lot of it has to do with the fact that teams used to actually stay together, as opposed to someone popping up here and there to help out a former tag team partner. But with that said, tag team wrestling is still very much alive and well today and if you look beyond the walls of just WWE rosters, you will find a ton of great tag teams.

Looking at all of the better tag teams on current rosters around the world, who are some that you consider being the elite among all of the current top teams? Here's a look our current top-10 best tag teams on the planet...

#10 The B-Team

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Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas make up the upstart team known as The B-Team.

For the past several years, there have been a few guys on the WWE main rosters that have been trapped somewhere in creative limbo, with seemingly no direction. Two of those guys were Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. For a while now, these fellas have been essentially relegated to what is not much more than mop-up duty. Anytime there was a need for a comical spot-monkey or someone to get completely obliterated, Dallas and Axel were almost always called upon.

Personally, I have mentioned numerous times that I believe these two WWE Superstars have been grossly misused. Both come from a lineage of professional wrestling royalty, with Axel being the offspring to one of the best technicians of all-time, Mr. Perfect. Then you have Bo Dallas who, aside from being Bray Wyatt's blood-brother, he is also the decedent of Mike Rotunda, aka "I.R.S.," not to mention he's the grandson of Hall of Fame villain Blackjack Mulligan. Needless to say, both of these guys have a strong wrestling pedigree.

After a highly entertaining run as "The Miztourage," Bo and Curtis finally felt a little creative love as they were rebranded as The B-Team, which is the ultimate underdog duo that you cannot help but get behind. The B-Team would go onto defeat Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy at Extreme Rules, where they would capture the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. This push would prove to put the B-Team in the spotlight which they deserved, which made way for a very solid tag-title run.

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