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The reason why there shouldn't be a Goldberg-Lesnar rematch

4.11K   //    22 Nov 2016, 06:55 IST
Goldberg destroyed Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series

The rematch was 12 years in the making and went less than 2 minutes in the ring. It was beautiful. Goldberg got the call from WWE to promote their video game and didn’t think it would lead to anything more. A couple of appearances and interviews, sure, but a return to the ring? Not a chance.

As it turns out, there was a chance. And it happened. Brock Lesnar called him out and invoked the name of his family. That’s enough to make any man angry, but it left the family man with an already short fuse ready to explode.

He accepted the match for two reasons:

1) take out Brock Lesnar and 2) give his son and a new generation of kids a chance to experience the explosive action of the Superhero Bill Goldberg plays on TV.

He did both. Just because it only lasted a little over a minute doesn’t mean there must be more. Anybody who knows the legacy of Goldberg knows that what we witnessed at Survivor Series was a classic Goldberg match. His opponent tries something stupid. Goldberg gets pissed off. Goldberg kills him dead. The end.

Were you hoping for another debacle like the match at WrestleMania XX?

I will admit that I was.

But what happened was better, and if they leave it where it is, WWE did exactly what they were expected to do. They made a moment. A good moment. A positive memory for, from what I can gather, most people who saw the show.


Why ruin it? Why give them the chance to go out there and top the horror show from 2004?

Goldberg is the better man

It’s not going to make money. The Royal Rumble will sell out whether there’s a Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar rematch match or a James Ellsworth undercard match. The amount of money WWE pays Brock, and surely the amount they gave Goldberg to return is an insurmountable in respect to making a profit, or even making their money back.

The money angle isn’t something I care about, either. That’s just a fact. Is WWE doing it for social media activity? They already dominate in that market. For mainstream coverage? Goldberg isn’t going to bring mainstream coverage.

Is it to try, again, desperately, to regain viewers from back when Goldberg was king? That will fail too, but I’m sure none of those things are the goal. I can’t think of any reason other than trying to make money – which is absolutely fine. They’re a business. It’s just not a sound business decision.

Getting back to the main point, what will they accomplish, from an entertainment standpoint, by doing another rematch? It isn’t even a rubber match.

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There will be some manufactured anticipation and excitement, but the real thing was expended in the lead-up to Survivor Series. A match 2 months in the making does not equate to a match with 12 years of wondering “what if?”

Even if we didn’t get the answer, because Brock’s heart wasn’t in it (even though he claimed it was), it doesn’t matter. The fact remains that Goldberg took the match as serious as a heart attack. If Brock didn’t, which seemed to be the case, that’s on him.

In fact, it just gives more credence to the idea that Goldberg is simply the better man. You don’t go into a match with a guy like Bill Goldberg, no matter how long he’s been away, without being 100% fully committed. Brock wasn’t, and he paid dearly.

That’s on him. Sorry pal, no rematch.

The Royal Rumble match appearance that he has now confirmed, seems to be much more logical, but that shouldn’t be ending in a showdown with Brock either.

Here’s a video of Goldberg confirming that he will be participating in the Royal Rumble match:

If Goldberg is going to wrestle more, it can be with some other guys who he can potentially wrestle good matches with.

Rusev owes him a receipt, for example. Even if the Bulgarian Brute takes a loss (and let’s be honest, he probably should), just being in the ring with Goldberg moves him up a rung on the ladder of public perception. As long as it’s not a repeat of the match from Survivor Series.

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