3 reasons why The Usos should become unified WWE Tag Team Champions & 2 they shouldn't

The Usos are set for a collision course with RK-Bro soon
The Usos are set for a collision course with RK-Bro soon
Pranav Unnikrishnan

WWE SmackDown saw Roman Reigns order The Usos to go to RAW and challenge RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro for their titles. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions are in the hunt for more gold, making Randy Orton and Riddle their next targets.

The Tribal Chief's plan is for The Usos to win the RAW tag titles and unify them with their own. This follows Reigns defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Should they succeed, the tag titles will be unified as well and will be defended across both shows.

Fans are split on Jimmy and Jey Uso's quest to become the definitive tag team in WWE. While some argue that it's the next step they need to take to establish The Bloodline's dominance, others point out that it's reducing the number of championships available across the shows.

In that regard, here are three reasons why The Usos should unify the tag team titles and two reasons why they shouldn't.

#5. Why The Usos should unify the tag team titles: They are the team for the job

The twins have been the best tag team in WWE for a long time
The twins have been the best tag team in WWE for a long time

WWE has already committed to unifying the world championships through Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38. If the plan is to do the same for the Tag Team Championships, few teams would be able to do it better than The Usos.

Jimmy and Jey Uso have been mainstays of the WWE for many years. Together, they have formed one of the greatest tag teams the company has ever seen in its history. They also have the accolades to prove it.

The past year has seen the two members of The Bloodline do their best work with WWE. They've been the benchmarks of the division and have remained consistent throughout. If the company wants to unify the tag team titles, they could do a lot worse than having the twins do the job.

#4. Why they shouldn't unify the titles: It would indicate the end of the brand split

What's better than one champion? Two of them
What's better than one champion? Two of them

WWE announced the return of the popular brand split in 2016. Since then, the two-show format has been the defining trait of the product, giving fans more variety than ever before.

However, if WWE unifies the tag team titles after already unifying the world titles, it would mean they are going all in on ending the brand split. This would make one show the main program while the other plays second fiddle.

Given how SmackDown and RAW are both significant parts of WWE today, unifying the titles would make one of them redundant. This would make for less opportunities in the mid-card and an unbalanced structure in the WWE product.

#3. Why they should unify the titles: It furthers The Bloodline's ongoing dominance

The Bloodline is the most dominant faction we have seen in a long time
The Bloodline is the most dominant faction we have seen in a long time

The Bloodline is far and away the best faction in WWE today. Together, Roman Reigns and The Usos hold many titles and have made no secret of their desire for more.

Reigns recently declared on SmackDown that he wants his stable to hold all the gold in WWE. That is an intriguing idea that would make The Bloodline the most dominant group fans have ever seen. Having their shoulders laden with titles would make for the kind of history the company loves to showcase later on.

The other great thing about The Usos unifying the tag team titles is that their eventual defeat would be that much more special. Whichever team took them down would instantly be elevated to the status of megastars.

#2. Why they shouldn't unify the titles: It reduces the number of teams at the top


The great thing about having two sets of tag championships is that fans get to see two champion squads at the top of the mountain. They become the benchmarks of their respective tag divisions and defend their titles against all comers.

However, should WWE unify the tag team titles, there will only be one team for the rest to aim for. It severely limits the number of high-profile matches that can be booked, and subsequently the representation of the rest of the division.

The Usos unifying the titles will do a world of good for them, but it will come at the expense of almost every other team in WWE. That is a mistake the company should avoid at all costs.

#1. Why they should unify the titles: It gives Roman Reigns some great challengers


Should The Usos defeat RK-Bro for the RAW Tag Team Championships, Randy Orton and Riddle will be without gold around their waists. While that is a bad look for the RAW Tag Team Champions, there is a silver lining to that scenario.

Orton and Riddle's defeat will almost certainly lead them to cross paths with the leader of The Bloodline: Roman Reigns. When that happens, one or both of them could challenge him for the world championship(s).

Reigns vs. Riddle and Reigns vs. Orton would give the top champion some compelling and fresh storylines. As it stands, there are very few credible opponents left for The Tribal Chief to face. The Viper and The Original Bro are two of them, and their defeat against The Usos could open the door to a better opportunity.

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