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Rebooking an alternative WrestleMania 30 where CM Punk was still in the WWE

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How would have WrestleMania 30 gone down if CM Punk was still there...
How would have WrestleMania 30 gone down if CM Punk was still there...

Most of us may have our own opinions on CM Punk. Some think that he's a traitor who left his fans behind for money whereas another set of fans respect his decisions and continue to support him to this day.

Some fans even call him a hypocrite for stealing other deserving athletes' place in the UFC, when, not more than about five years ago, he ranted about the exact same thing happening to him in the WWE.

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But one thing that everyone will agree unanimously is the impact he left behind in not only the WWE but in the whole business.

Many fans still proclaim that it was that infamous promo in Las Vegas (the pipebomb) that got them back to wrestling. He paved the way for guys like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens(to name a few) to succeed in the WWE, guys who were hitherto frowned upon as 'indie guys'. Fans still chanting 'CM Punk', four years after his departure is a testimony to the impact that he has left behind and that fans still clamour for a return.

Many fans fantasy book his return to the WWE, coming up with exiting scenarios and dream matches against AJ Styles and dream feuds against Kevin Owens.

But what if he hadn't left the WWE. We know that his departure had a lot of consequences, especially on that year's Wrestlemania.

So, me being the imaginative person that I am(putting myself over) decided to come up with an alternative card to Wrestlemania 30 where CM Punk was still in the WWE.



This is purely a work of my imagination and not something that was written after reading the original plans of Wrestlemania 30.

In this alternative reality, things unfold as they did, until Royal Rumble 2014.

Match #1: Triple H vs Daniel Bryan (Winner goes on to face the WWE Champion in the main event for the title)

WrestleMania 30 Press Conference
WrestleMania 30 Press Conference

Let's start with a match that actually happened.

Face it. This match should happen. It was the perfect story. The underdog being put down as 'B plus player', by authority, with the former rising against the latter and proving everyone wrong, by defeating the actual authority.

The build to this would mostly be the same. The difference is that Daniel Bryan beats Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble and actually wins the Royal Rumble Match while the authority are busy screwing CM Punk.

The next night on Raw, the authority uses their power and declares the result of the Rumble match as void. They, however, give Daniel Bryan and CM Punk another shot at the title at the Elimination Chamber PPV. At that event, the authority once again screws over Daniel Bryan at the title and assisting the eventual winner (which I will get to later).

The events after this would pretty much unfold the same way it did, with Bryan challenging Triple H to a match and the 'occupy Raw' segment occurring as well.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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