Rebooking the WCW/ECW Invasion: Part 6

  • Part six of the Invasion sees the nWO enter the WWF to take out Stone Cold and a four man tournament to crown an Undisputed Champion!
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The nWo debut in WWE as a group to take out Stone Cold
The nWo debut in WWE as a group to take out Stone Cold

I hope you have enjoyed parts onetwothreefour and five of this series. Part six will cover the period from the post Survivor Series pay-per-view right through Vengeance.

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Now is the time to introduce the nWo into the storyline. In the real world, the nWo debuted as a group in February 2002, over two months later but were available at this point in time if WWE wanted.

In my revised history, Nash had been part of the Invasion storyline for many months and will now be playing a much larger role.

The nWo are here to take out Stone Cold after he cost Chris Jericho the WWF Championship at Survivor Series.

Stone Cold versus the nWo will be a central storyline in the Invasion from this point forward.

This article will focus on the run-up to Vengeance, which will see the WWF and WCW titles unified as was the case in the real world.

A reminder: there will be three more articles in this series as my version of the Invasion will peak and conclude at Wrestlemania X-8.

In the upcoming part seven of this series, Triple H will return and play a full role in the WWF versus WCW/ECW war; in reality, he missed the entirety of the Invasion after it lasted a paltry four months


Champion roll call (as of November 18, 2001)

WWF Champion - The Rock

IC Champion - Edge

European Champion - Christian

Hardcore Champion - Rob Van Dam

WWF Tag Team Champions - The Hardy Boyz

WCW Champion - Goldberg

US Champion - Raven

Cruiserweight Champion - Billy Kidman

Women's Champion - Jazz

So, without further delay, let's get to the post Survivor Series episode of Monday Night Raw as we move towards the final pay per view event of 2001, Vengeance, where an Undisputed Champion will be crowned!

Monday Night Raw - November 19, 2001

Stone Cold takes out Booker T at the supermarket
Stone Cold takes out Booker T at the supermarket

Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman and Shane McMahon brought out Kevin Nash. They said that Stone Cold had become a big problem and one that they intended to resolve immediately. They stated that their actions may be dramatic but necessary.

Nash said he had always been an outsider but still had one or two friends. This brought out Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall. Nash removed his shirt to reveal an nWO tee. The nWO were back!

Vince McMahon angrily confronted the nWO and lambasts Hogan, Hall and Nash for leaving the WWF for WCW in 1993 and 1996.

He said they shouldn't expect to find Stone Cold as he isn't working tonight.

A camera followed Booker T around a supermarket wherein he was attacked by Austin!

Stone Cold telephoned into the show and said he planned to take out every Alliance member one by one, whenever, wherever. No one is safe no matter who or where they are.

Chris Jericho demanded a rematch with The Rock for the WWF Championship. Rock accepted.

Edge and Rob Van Dam fought Scott Steiner and DDP to a No Contest when the nWO laid out Edge and Van Dam.

Vince McMahon telephoned his daughter, Stephanie McMahon and asked how Triple H's recuperation was going.

Sting defeated Kane.

Chris Jericho beat The Rock after the nWO interfered to become WWF Champion.

Smackdown - November 22, 2001

The show opened with footage of Stone Cold assaulting Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman in their homes, days earlier.

Vince McMahon advised that Heyman had been replaced as commentator due to his absence by a returning Jerry Lawler.

McMahon also stated that a warrant had been issued for Austin's arrest but he was MIA.

Raven and Big Show beat Kane and The Undertaker after the nWO battered the Brothers of Destruction.

Christian and Lance Storm beat the APA.

Chris Jericho beat Kurt Angle in a non title match in the main event.

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