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Former Superstar could be behind unusual WWE Twitter activity

  • This Superstar dropped a big hint of having a role in the bizarre change to WWE's Twitter account.
  • This could be one of the biggest swerves in recent times. Could a shocking, major return be on the way?
Modified 18 Mar 2020, 05:53 IST

Did the Broken One break WWE
Did the Broken One break WWE's Twitter handle?

As reported earlier by Sportskeeda's Kevin Sullivan via @WrestlingNews 365, there was some freakishly unusual activity on WWE's Twitter handle.

In what originally seemed to be an instance of WWE's Twitter account getting hacked, a tweet was posted which read - 'The Truth Will Be Heard - when viewed upside down.

The bio of the handle was also changed to "Expose. W a t c hi n g. //" while the profile picture was turned to a black background. As expected, WWE deleted the tweet and restored their handle to its former status and it led to speculation that the account may have indeed been hacked.

However, that may not be the case as WWE may have kicked off an angle and at the centre of it all could be... Matt Hardy?

Hardy posted the following tweet that has sent the WWE Universe into meltdown:

The most striking observation from WWE's deleted tweet is that the initials M and H clearly stand out. Has WWE worked us all and re-signed Matt Hardy?


The Broken One and the WWE may have possibly planted the seeds of an emphatic return to the company merely weeks after his contract came to an end.

Matt Hardy was widely expected to join All Elite Wrestling and The Young Bucks appearing on his #FreeTheDelete series looked like a confirmation of his imminent AEW debut.

Was it all a diversion? Is the Second Coming of Matt Hardy going to be unleased in the WWE?

We would advise you to keep Matt Hardy's Twitter handle open in a separate tab at all times to get another clue about this unfolding mystery.

Published 18 Mar 2020, 05:53 IST
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