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Remembering The Nexus: 5 greatest moments of the stable

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02 Dec 2019, 17:34 IST

The Nexus
The Nexus

The Nexus were a group of spirited youngsters who changed the complexion of WWE's main roster upon their debut and maintained their dominance for over a year. With the winner of NXT's first season Wade Barrett as their leader, Nexus initially featured Darren Young, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan, Michael Tarver, Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel, and Skip Sheffield. The main motive behind the formation of the stable was to provide all the seven up and coming stars with guaranteed contracts, other than Barrett as he was already assured a shot at a Championship of his choice.

Within a few days of their debut, Nexus made sure that every member of the main roster knew one thing, "You're either Nexus or you are against us," which resulted in the stable gaining more associates as days passed. However, disputes amongst the teammates, clash for leadership, removal of original members and other issues ultimately led to the downfall of the once-great Nexus.

Yet, none can question their relevance. Their predominance prevailed even after Nexus disbanded with many former members winning the WWE Championship, main-eventing WrestleMania or holding other significant titles of the promotion.

Years have passed since the group folded and while we head into the last few days of this decade, let's recap how impactful The Nexus was. 

Also don't forget to check out our latest podcast featuring the former Nexus member, Darren Young AKA Fred Rosser, where he talks about Survivor Series, Titus O'Neil, and Prime Time Players, being part of NXT and loads of other topics.

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