Rhea Ripley must halt Liv Morgan's Revenge Tour by secretly aligning with WWE RAW star

Rhea Ripley needs to stop Liv Morgan
Rhea Ripley needs to stop Liv Morgan's Revenge Tour (Image credits: WWE)

Liv Morgan has lived up to her promise of taking everything away from fellow WWE RAW star Rhea Ripley. She injured Mami, won her Women's World Championship, and is seemingly close to taking Dominik Mysterio from her. The sidelined Judgment Day member must devise a plan to stop Liv's Revenge Tour.

Rhea Ripley should try to obtain the services of Lyra Valkyria, who has had a promising start to life on the main roster. She made it to the final of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Lyra has shown she can compete with big names such as IYO SKY and Nia Jax. She is the perfect candidate to stop Morgan's madness and help weaken the champion before Ripley's big return.

Liv Morgan has made more enemies than she can handle after injuring Rhea Ripley


Liv Morgan has had run-ins with Lyra Valkyria, including punching her in a backstage segment. She's poked the bear too much, and Rhea Ripley may take note of this and secretly recruit her to target the women's champion while absent.

Lyra never got payback for that cheap shot, which plays into the hands of The Nightmare. Liv doesn't have much support, with most of her former tag partners either injured or on SmackDown.

Liv also needs a challenger while playing her temptation game with Dominik Mysterio. She's only defended against Becky Lynch, and RAW needs more babyfaces to go up against her.

Rhea Ripley should use Lyra Valkyria as a pawn in her quest to end Liv Morgan's tyranny


Rhea Ripley knows Dominik Mysterio is gravitating toward Liv Morgan, so she puts Lyra Valkyria in his way. She gets the former NXT Women's Champion to constantly prevent Liv from pursuing Dom Dom.

The Judgment Day has endured a rocky spell with Rhea sidelined, especially Dirty Dom. Liv has targeted him because of his vulnerabilities, and he appears to be falling into her trap.

Rhea is a clever leader and should negotiate with Lyra to stop Liv in her tracks. Before her injury, she had no issues with the young Irish star, as she vacated the title the week before the 27-year-old was called up from NXT.

Lyra Valkyria could become one of WWE's biggest babyface stars


Neither Rhea Ripley nor Liv Morgan needs to turn heel in their rivalry as the hatred runs deep. Given her injury and impressive title reign, fans are more than likely to side with The Eradicator.

That said, there's a spot for Lyra Valkyria to step into the role of WWE RAW's top women's babyface. Becky Lynch's contract expired, meaning The Man is out of town for now or maybe permanently.

The former Women's World Champion spoke glowingly of Lyra before departing. She said after losing to her compatriot for the NXT Women's Championship last year:

"(Lyra Valkyria) is the real deal and will be a star for years to come. The future is in good hands."

Inserting Lyra Valkyria into the feud between Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan could help propel her into the main event scene. She may stake her claim for a title opportunity, having done Ripley's bidding during her absence.