"I don’t want this, I don’t like this" - Rhea Ripley on why she turned heel and joined Judgment Day

Rhea Ripley
Ripley knew it was time for a change in her WWE career.

Rhea Ripley has a good reason for why she turned heel and joined The Judgment Day, hinting that a refreshing change was needed.

At WrestleMania Backlash, Ripley turned heel and aligned herself with Edge and The Judgment Day to help The Rated R Superstar secure his victory over The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Although the group eventually betrayed Edge, Ripley has remained a focus of the faction ever since.

Ripley recently spoke to Inside The Ropes about a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her heel turn earlier this year, she admitted that she was getting too stale and it was time for a change:

"Things slowly start to get stale, and I’m always up for a change, and I’m always up for a gear change in a way as well, which I think I really needed," Rhea Ripley admitted. (...) "I was becoming too lovey-dovey and just like trying to please people again. So I felt myself just sort of shifting back to that, and I was like, ‘Nah, fam. I don’t want this, I don’t like this.’ So I’m just gonna be me again and be confident and be confident and be a menace and just be chaotic and brutal. So that’s where that gear change sort of just came from." [H/T: Fightful]
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Rhea Ripley enjoys the comparisons to Chyna

As part of an intergender stable in WWE, many fans have compared Rhea Ripley and Hall of Famer Chyna.

Ripley says she gets compared to Chyna a lot and admits that she loves it as she believes the WWE Hall of Famer is an icon in the professional wrestling industry.

"I get compared to Chyna a lot, which I love. I love that. People keep making edits, and I think they’re absolutely hilarious," Rhea Ripley said. "I did like Chyna. I thought she was an icon, and she didn’t fit in, which was great. She was so different to everyone. She was like muscley and she was beautiful. The others were beautiful, too. I’m not saying that they weren’t, but she was beautiful in a different way, which is how I was growing up. I was always bigger than everyone, and I needed someone. So to sort of portray that for little girls that are small and petite and they like bigger built like I am very glad to be that person for them.” [H/T: WrestleZone]
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What do you make of Ripley's comments? Do you prefer her more as a face or a heel? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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