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Ricochet will be the perfect member for the proposed new faction led by a WWE veteran (Opinion)  

  • This move will rejuvenate his WWE career.
Modified 16 Mar 2020, 12:27 IST


WWE currently has many stables operating across its three brands and it serves the purpose of utilizing all the available talent on hand.

However, could there be room for another faction to debut?

As revealed by Tom Colohue on Sportskeeda's Dropkick DiSKussions podcast, MVP has been pushing to lead a new faction but the company currently has no plans to introduce one on TV. MVP attempted to recruit Edge into his proposed stable on the most recent episode of RAW, however, we all know how horribly that ended for the former United States Champion.

Tom, however, liked the idea of MVP having a faction of his own as it could include members of the roster who may not be proficient enough in cutting promos. Korey Gunz pitched the idea of possibly having Ricochet in the faction led by MVP and Tom explained why he liked the idea. 

Ricochet has not excelled when it's come to his microphone work and the former United States Champion is also experiencing a slump in his WWE career, having lost his credibility owing to two consecutive clean losses in title matches.

The former Lucha Underground Champion has also not been able to showcase his true personality in WWE, and Tom explained that booking him to be under the tutelage of MVP can be a game-changer.

Here's what was discussed on the Dropkick DiSkussions podcast:

Korey Gunz: How about a frustrated Ricochet?
Tom Colohue: That could work. He's not a man known for his microphone work himself and obviously, he is on a down right now. Something like that could actually lift him up quite well. It could add a little bit more attitude to him.
Attitude obviously is a word well-known in wrestling, but that little bit of difference, that little bit of edge, that little bit of growth in character can be very beneficial because Ricochet, unfortunately, has not been able to show much of his personality so far.

Despite the recent slump, Ricochet is still optimistic about getting his career back on track and he could be in for a renewed push once WrestleMania season is in the books. Babyfaces who go on such a downward spiral are usually built up for a future heel turn and that could also benefit Ricochet at this point.

While WWE may not have any plans to go ahead with MVP's idea of a faction, if they do agree, Ricochet will undoubtedly be a perfect fit.

Published 16 Mar 2020, 06:55 IST
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