Rivalry with top stable of Monday Night RAW, attacking returned stars - 5 ways Sanity could reform on WWE's main roster

Sanity could potentially return to WWE
Sanity could potentially return to WWE

Could Sanity be returning to WWE? Thanks to several hints from Nikki Cross, many believe that three former stars will be making their returns to the sports entertainment juggernaut.

Sanity was a faction that first began on the NXT brand. The group featured Eric Young, Nikki Cross, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain. They tormented the superstars on the black & gold brand before eventually turning into babyfaces who fought against the despised faction known as The Undisputed Era.

While the group was a lot of fun and found success on NXT, Sanity didn't have the same success on WWE's main roster. Nikki wasn't called up alongside the group and the trio were quickly buried before being split up. Over time, each member besides The Twisted Sister was released from the company.

Now that the group is rumored to be rejoining Nikki Cross in World Wrestling Entertainment, many are curious as to how they will reform and why. There are a lot of potentially interesting ways the company can re-debut the group, but which ways may prove to be most beneficial?

Below are five ways Sanity could reform on WWE's main roster.

#5. They could suddenly appear alongside Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross
Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross spent over a year competing as Nikki A.S.H. Gone was the sadistic and psychotic Cross, instead Nikki portrayed a wanna-be superhero. While this character worked well initially, Nikki eventually appeared on television infrequently.

Thankfully, her career was recently set back on the right path. Nikki dropped her entertaining superhero gimmick and returned to her psychotic Twisted Sister character. Interestingly, there weren't big vignettes hyping the change. Aside from select character moments, her return as Nikki Cross seemingly came out of nowhere.

Given that the return of Cross came out of nowhere, the return of Sanity may be done similarly. Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, and Killian Dain may just appear alongside their former stablemate out of nowhere on a select episode of WWE RAW. Sometimes things can just happen out of the blue and still be entertaining. This could be an example of that.

#4. WWE could have spooky viral vignettes for the group like White Rabbit

The White Rabbit viral trend captivated pro wrestling fans for weeks leading up to WWE Extreme Rules 2022. What started as just subtle clues went on to capture the imagination of fans all over.

The viral marketing spread like wildfire on social media and it led to much intrigue from fans at shows. The payoff saw the talented and popular Bray Wyatt make his eagerly anticipated return at Extreme Rules to a thunderous ovation from the audience.

There's a chance that WWE will continue this unique form of marketing and begin to do something similar with Sanity. It could be argued that Nikki Cross' vignettes and chalk drawings that are seemingly hinting at the stable returning are already the start of something deeper.

#3. They could fight Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano, and Dexter Lumis

The Way is slowly forming on WWE RAW. Johnny Gargano, Dexter Lumis, and Indi Hartwell have all joined the red brand in the past few months. Meanwhile, Austin Theory is on the program already, albeit not aligned with the family. All the group needs to be whole is Indi Hartwell from NXT.

While many are happy to see Candice LeRae, one person who doesn't appear to be as joyous is Nikki Cross. The Twisted Sister can often be spotted in the background of vignettes spying on Candice, the woman who beat Nikki upon LeRae's return to the company.

Given LeRae is often with her husband Johnny Wrestling and their "son-in-law" Dexter, Sanity could return by laying out the Wrestling Family. It would send an immediate message that the dangerous group is not to be trifled with, while also opening up the door for some exciting matches.

#2. Sanity could surprisingly appear on SmackDown instead of RAW

Hit Row on SmackDown
Hit Row on SmackDown

Most fans who believe that Sanity is returning to WWE expect them to appear on RAW. This is a reasonable expectation, as Nikki Cross is currently a member of the red brand's roster. Still, World Wrestling Entertainment could potentially throw a curveball in the fans' direction.

Nikki, Killian Dain, Eric Young, and Alexander Wolfe could instead make their shocking reappearance on Friday Night SmackDown. While RAW may offer more opportunity for screen-time, SmackDown may actually be the best brand for the group to return to.

Hit Row, Legado del Fantasma, The Viking Raiders, and Maximum Male Models all reside on SmackDown. The common theme is all four groups are factions featuring both male and female stars. Add in other male-female duos such as Karrion Kross & Scarlett along with Emma & Madcap Moss, and the blue brand has a long list of stars the crazy stable can battle.

#1. They could fight Judgment Day

Judgment Day
Judgment Day

Judgment Day is arguably the top stable on WWE RAW. While initially portrayed as brooding, this dark stable is on cloud nine as of late, and they're often full of smiles. Despite a happier demeanor, the group is still menacing and dark.

A dark and menacing faction may be exactly who Sanity would want to target. There's a chance that the deranged foursome will return on WWE RAW to battle Judgment Day and attempt to take over the red brand.

Given that both Sanity and Judgment Day feature three male stars and one female superstar, the sides are perfectly even for a feud. The only question is if fans will want to cheer the returning group or if they'd ultimately root for Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and the despised Dominik Mysterio.

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