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WWE/ROH News: Young Bucks burn Too Sweet merchandise

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The Young Bucks say goodbye to "Too Sweet

What's the story?

The Young Bucks finally gave up. They were tired of fighting WWE because they figured it was useless fighting a billion-dollar company. Therefore The Jackson Brothers are waving a white flag and burning their "too sweet" merchandise.

In case you didn't know...

The Young Bucks had made a career out of being an amazing tag team having fun all over the world. They're admitted fanboys of pro wrestling which is evident by some of the moves they use in the ring, let alone the names they give them.

Nick and Matt Jackson used to travel around while throwing up a "too sweet" hand gesture just like the Kliq from WWE. It became a staple of theirs and ended up on some merchandise.

It's ironic that WWE decided to send out a cease and desist letter to The Young Bucks right after they invaded Raw with The Bullet Club, but that's exactly what happened. The Bucks were told they weren't allowed to use the "too sweet" gesture anymore during their matches or on merchandise because WWE was proclaiming intellectual property over the gesture and its image.

The heart of the matter

The Young Bucks aren't going to let a thing like a legitimate legal letter from WWE get them down. But they're certainly going to be careful about not upsetting the mega wrestling company owned by Vince McMahon.

A new Being The Elite recently dropped where Nick and Matt Jackson decided to do what was best for their career and give up the fight. They burned their "too sweet" merchandise as a sign they were going to mind the cease and desist and tow the line.

You can check out the whole video below but beware the first segment is pretty twisted because The Young Bucks, Mary Scurll, Cody, and Brandi Rhodes become blood siblings. They set their merch on fire toward the end of the video around the eight-minute mark.

What's next?

It's not likely The Young Bucks will be joining WWE anytime soon. They're not bitter people, but it would be hard for anyone to work for a company that went out of their way to cause you so much trouble.


Then again, they could always go to International Wrestling Syndicate because they have free reign to throw up as many "too sweets" and "suck its" they want there.

Author's take

This is a sad video to watch, especially if you wouldn't mind having some of that merchandise. It's actually too sweet that I got ahold of their documentary last month or else I would have never had the chance to get it because apparently, it's on the banned items list as well.

This won't be the last of The Young Bucks' merchandise. But they're probably going to get pretty blatant about avoiding any references of "too sweet" in the future. The fun just keeps coming when you're talking about The Young Bucks.

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