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Roman Reigns recent injury can be a blessing in disguise

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Believe In The Shield?

Believe In The Shield?

Roman Reigns might just be a very carefully given ring name to the man dubbed to be the powerhouse of the Shield. Many fans who’ve been the efficient consumers of WWE’s newest pushed superstar have dubbed the future of the WWE to look something like a ‘Roman Empire’. The star has been pushed leaps and bounds to look like someone not to mess with. While each of the Shield members have enjoyed their share of the spotlight, Roman Reigns’ is a lion’s share. He seems to be Triple H’s latest favorite. Now, let me ask this question- How many of Triple H’s favorite have made it on their own without his constant shadow lingering around them?

Let’s look at some of the other favorites Triple H has had over the years. The most striking examples are Randy Orton and Sheamus. Are there any other superstars in the WWE so deeply pushed to be as clueless about their direction the WWE as they are? Sure Orton is now with Evolution and Sheamus soon seems to be on the path to join Evolution. So Triple H has decided to take matters in his own hands again and give these two something relevant going on for their characters.

The best part of Randy Orton’s career was arguably his heel turns with Evolution and his feud against the McMahons in 2009. What’s the common entity in both these phases? Triple H.

Sheamus was pushed heavily on his debut even winning the WWE Championship soon and Triple H put him over big time.

And now flashback to 2013. It’s Raw after Wrestlemania and it is that crowd that knows how to give a mouthful. And what do they do when Triple H’s favorite boys get set for a match? They pay no attention to them. NO ATTENTION. That match sure gave rise to the most spectacular fan reactions. At one point during the match the crowd started chanting for Randy SAVAGE and Orton was visibly upset. He also had such a dismal run with the title which is an exception because Triple H was lurking behind him all the time.

Now, back to Roman Reigns.

It was a surprising choice to see Roman Reigns next to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose when the Shield originally debuted at Survivor Series in 2012. Rollins and Ambrose had spent quite a while in NXT. Roman Reigns had not. If you check on Youtube and type the name Leakee, you won’t find many matches. That just builds the mystique around Reigns. It was quite clear looking at his build that he is the guy WWE management have their eyes on for the future.

And he is great in tag matches and he usually enters that match with a hot tag when his partners have been brow beaten to the curb. The Shield is a great team. Great. But there might be one tiny reason that they are still together after a split was teased earlier this year. It might be the fact that Roman Reigns is just not ready to be a singles superstar yet. Just like Bray Wyatt and John Cena, Reigns’ best singles matches have come against superstars who usually have great matches with everyone. His one defining match was with CM Punk and he is the only Shield member to defeat Punk during their brief feud with the Straight Edge Superstar. Apart from that he’s had quite mediocre matches with Mark Henry, Batista and Bray Wyatt.

I’ve said this in all my articles about Shield and Roman Reigns since Reigns’ push became quite apparent- Reigns is better with the Shield than apart and instead of giving him an Orton and Sheamus kind of push, he should just let be and PLEASE don’t have Triple H meandering around him for all his career.

Roman Reigns’ recent injury might be a blessing in disguise. If he leaves for a while, his return might be one of the most awaited ones and that in itself might build his stature up, without Triple H.

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