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What is the actual problem with Roman Reigns?

To make the people all respond favourably to Roman Reigns, WWE has to take a much less verbose approach.

He talks way more than he should

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One of the most popular conversations online for the past couple of years has been the story of WWE turning Roman Reigns heel.

It’s the same story that people have wanted WWE to tell for the past ten years with John Cena, and much to the chagrin of those supporting it, the change of heart for the 16-time World Champion is never going to come.

There is a better chance of seeing Roman Reigns going bad because his career is still young, but that doesn’t truly seem to be on the cards anytime soon, if ever.

Nothing subtle about it

He isn’t turning heel

There has been some chatter that WWE is trying to be subtle about the turn, by doing things with him that make the fans hate him. That includes things like being the number 30 entrant in the Royal Rumble instead of a surprise such as Samoa Joe and eliminating The Undertaker from said match with the greatest of ease.

It’s almost a compelling argument, but it’s not enough. If they wanted boos, they would stop having him do good-guy things like pandering to the crowd and trying to vanquish the bad guys. Some people give WWE too much credit when it comes to subtlety.

It’s rare for this company to be subtle about anything, and it won’t happen with someone as high-profile as Roman Reigns, who they have handled nothing but ham hands. No kid gloves, no safety net, just pushing forward with a clear goal and a path full of ignored obstacles.

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That’s how they got into this situation with Reigns, and that’s how they are going to get out of it. Big, broad strokes. No subtle hints at going bad, no sneaky subliminal attempts at making the whole audience boo the guy.

Why? Because if you want to turn him heel, you need to have the kids booing him too. Making the adults angry because he eliminates The Undertaker or because he takes the presumed spot of a surprise entrant isn’t going to turn him heel.

It’s going to continue the status quo of WWE holding strong that Reigns is “The Guy” with the vocal majority of the audience booing him while he still gets a favourable response from the younger audience, some females, and most importantly, Michael Cole.

If Cole is going to talk about Roman’s virtues, there’s no way that the people as a whole will buy him as a bad guy.

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