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Royal Rumble: Which are the 'lucky' entry numbers?

Ashish Negi
8.81K   //    09 Jan 2014, 17:26 IST

The Countdown

As we all know Royal Rumble is all about numbers, entering as late as as one can, always works in their favour. Here I have talked about all the winner producing numbers in Royal Rumble’s history.

Royal Rumble 2005

First things first, those numbers which have produced only one winner:

#3 has produced the 1992 winner, Ric Flair, but this number stays to be the most unlucky as 12 of the its entrants have been the first to get eliminated.

#5  has produced the 1997 winner, Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is the only saving grace of this otherwise unlucky number, it was Austin’s second Rumble and the odds weren’t in his favour but he however overcame it and won first of his record three Rumbles.

#8 Randy Orton entered the 2009 Royal Rumble at #8 , he stayed in the ring for nearly 50 minutes and won the match.

#13 The first ever Rumble (1988) winner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan entered the Rumble at #13.

#18 The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels won his second Royal Rumble in 1996, where he entered at #18.

#23 gave us the 1994 co-winner, Lex Luger and the 2007 runner-up Shawn Michaels.


#25 marked Hulk Hogan‘s first Rumble win (1990) and was also the number of the 2005 runner-up, John Cena.

#28 This late entry has been the number of the 2005 winner, Batista.

The one-time entry of #38 gave the 2011 40-men Rumble its winner, Alberto Del Rio.

Royal Rumble 2012

Now the turn of those numbers which have produced two winners:

Entering at #1 might be considered very unlucky, but this unlucky number has produced 2 winners which are Shawn Michaels (1995) and Chris Benoit (2004), and one runner-up, Stone Cold Steve Austin (1999). 5 of last 6 #1 entrants have all lasted over 32 minutes. These statistics prove that if one has got the survival abilities then entering the Rumble at #1 isn’t that unlucky.

#2 can be considered as unlucky as #1, in fact 8 of #2 entrants have been the first to get eliminated, but this number has also produced 2 winners which are Vince McMahon (1999) and Rey Mysterio (2006), and one runner-up in the form of British Bulldog (1995). Last year’s #2 Chris Jericho lasted for nearly 48 minutes.

#22 has produced 2 winners which are Triple H (2002) and Sheamus (2012). Too much twos here. This number also gave us the 1996 runner-up, Diesel.

#29 has produced two winners: Brock Lesnar (2003) and Edge (2010). The number has also produced three runner-ups: Chris Jericho (2012), Triple H (2008) and Sid Justice (1992).

#30 has produced two winners: The Undertaker (2007) and John Cena (2008). The number has also produced the highest number of runners-up: Randy Orton (2006), Ryback (2013), Randy Savage (1993), Undertaker (2003), Ted DiBiase (1989) and Mr. Perfect (1990).

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The golden numbers which have produced more than 2 winners:

#24 has produced 3 winners, Hulk Hogan (1991), Stone Cold Steve Austin (1998) and The Rock (2000). This number also produce the 2004 runner-up, Big Show.

#27 is the most lucky number in the history, producing 4 winners which are Bret Hart (1994) Yokozuna (1993) Big John Studd (1989) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (2001). Apparently, the number has lost its significance in the past decade, but 27 will always be the number everyone would want to enter at.

Thanks for reading this article about numbers. I hope it will be a cracking Rumble this time.

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