Backstage details on WWE's future plan for The Hurt Business - Report

Lashley/Corbin/The Hurt Business
Lashley/Corbin/The Hurt Business
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The Hurt Business imploded from within on Monday Night RAW. The dominant faction is seemingly now dead. After Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin failed to take care of Drew McIntyre the previous week, MVP and Bobby Lashley decided to cut them off.

It is now being reported that with the faction finished, the future for Alexander and Benjamin is bleak.

The Hurt Business has been one of the most powerful factions in recent times. MVP led Lashley, Alexander and Benjamin to multiple victories and the faction always seemed to carry gold. Lashley won the US Championship and later the WWE Championship while part of the stable. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, on the other hand, had a long reign as the RAW Tag Team Champions.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated there is likely no long-term reason for the split. He said the follow-up feud would just be Lashley squashing Alexander and Benjamin into obscurity.

"Benjamin and Alexander are also likely to be the latest victims of WWE’s breaking people up just to do so and without doing so for a feud since Lashley is just blowing both off in one match and they’re most likely going to be dead. Corbin showed up on Raw to help Lashley."

The report also stated it usually makes sense to split up a faction like The Hurt Business if there is a chance of doing something new, or if one of the members is leaving. However, in this case, there will appear to be no feud between Benjamin and Alexander against Lashley and MVP.

"But the breakup feud will likely be Lashley squashing both Benjamin and Alexander on RAW and them fading into the abyss like the Retribution guys."

Is King Corbin the new member of The Hurt Business?

MVP stated on RAW Talk that King Corbin had not joined The Hurt Business. The same was stated in the Observer's report. Corbin likely attacked McIntyre on RAW to help Lashley gain more heat as a heal.

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