Backstage news on whether Rey Mysterio is really retiring on RAW

Rey Mysterio.
Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony will be hosted by Seth Rollins on the upcoming episode of RAW and it is reportedly all a work - something that was widely expected.

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue told host Korey Gunz on the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast that WWE is getting ready to swerve the fans during the retirement segment.

Rey Mysterio is reportedly not done just yet and he still has just enough left in the tank to have one final run. Tom noted that Mysterio's contract allows him to retire ahead of time. Rey Mysterio, however, does consider his current run to be his last.

However, the future WWE Hall of Famer may probably still want to wrestle alongside his son Dominick before he hangs up his boots for good.

WWE's reaction to the rumors about Rey Mysterio's contract

Tom Colohue also revealed that the WWE has been increasingly aware of the rumor mill of late and they have been reacting to a few big reports by booking angles and character changes on RAW.

Tom Colohue cited Seth Rollins' example before addressing the rumor about Rey Mysterio's retirement, which was first reported on the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast months ago in the build-up to WrestleMania.

Tom had heard rumors of Rey Mysterio wanting to have his retirement match at WrestleMania and speculation regarding Mysterio's contract has since been brought up extensively by various media outlets as well as the fans.

Rey Mysterio's contract reportedly ends in a few months and he does have the option to retire whenever he wants. However, it's reportedly not happening this Monday.

Tom explained:

Full-on swerve. Just a full-on swerve. Mysterio is not done yet! His contract has always been a brief one but there are always moments in it that have allowed him to retire ahead of time if he chooses to because Rey does consider this his last run.
We've all seen how wrestlers like The Undertaker and Edge have stuck to the concept of a last run, so who knows!
WWE has been listening to the rumor mill and reacting, The WWE and the wrestlers have been a lot more aware of rumors recently. You look at Seth Rollins changing his entire character and the segment he used to start doing that was the rah-rah speech that a journalist reported that had happened but didn't happen.
We reported here on this podcast that Rey was considering a retirement match for WrestleMania since then everyone seems to be reporting about Rey's contract coming to an end. He has a right to retire whenever he so chooses, it's part of his contract but it's not coming just yet.

WWE is possibly building up a storyline between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio and a match could be set up on the next episode of RAW. As we had reported earlier, Rey Mysterio wants a different Superstar to retire him and that match could happen somewhere down the line depending on his contract situation and the decisions of the WWE management.

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