Backstage news on WWE Royal Rumble possibly having fans in attendance

WWE Royal Rumble
WWE Royal Rumble

WWE are keen on having the fans back in arenas soon, especially with the Royal Rumble coming up. The company are eagerly waiting for a decision but want things sorted by early January.

WrestleVotes report that WWE wants to get accurate information on fans attending the pay-per-view by January 7th. They want to make plans based on the fans' availability and, internally, have put a deadline of the first week of the year for the PPV plans. They tweeted:

"Internally, WWE is said to want a decision on whether fans are permitted for the Royal Rumble by January 7th w/ a possible announcement of sorts coming that weekend. Source states odds are 50/50 right now. Important month ahead."

WrestleVotes add that the odds of having the fans back for the Royal Rumble are at 50:50 right now, and the next month will be very important.

WWE have been operating without fans for over 8 months now. The company planned to have fans back in the arena from July, but those plans were nixed as the number of COVID cases in the United States were not showing signs of coming down.

When is WWE Royal Rumble 2021?

WWE usually hold their first pay-per-view of the year - the Royal Rumble - towards the end of January. They are yet to announce a date for the 2021 edition of the PPV, but WrestleVotes report that the tentative date is January 31st.

WWE are moving the ThunderDome to the Tropicana Field in Florida from December 11th. The state is more relaxed in terms of COVID-19 guidelines when compared to the others in the United States. Considering that, there is a slight possibility of fans attending the Royal Rumble, report WrestleNews.

Royal Rumble, more than any other WWE PPV, needs to have fans in the arena as the surprise element would be subdued without the fan reaction to the WWE Superstars coming out.

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