Brock Lesnar pushed to book himself strong at Royal Rumble; scrapped plans for Drew McIntyre - Reports

The final two competitors in this year's Royal Rumble match
The final two competitors in this year's Royal Rumble match

Brock Lesnar won the 2022 men's Royal Rumble match this past Saturday. Earlier in the night, he lost the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley but came back as a surprise entrant in the Rumble and picked up a dominating victory.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, it was Brock Lesnar's call to dominate the Royal Rumble as he wanted to book himself strongly ahead of his WrestleMania 38 match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

“The deal basically with the Rumble was Brock was to murder everybody and that was that. That was probably Brock’s call because it was kind of said to me that Brock was gonna get exactly what he wanted and that was to get himself as strong as possible for the Roman Reigns match. Everybody was supposed to get murdered by him and they all did," said Dave Meltzer.

Meltzer further stated that although WWE wanted to protect Drew, they had to rush to get off the air. Hence, he was also quickly eliminated in the end:

"But they were gonna do stuff with Drew, they did want to protect Drew. But they were running low on time as you could tell and they had to rush to get off the air and everything like that so they didn’t do as much,” Meltzer added. (h/t

Brock Lesnar entered the Royal Rumble at #30 and just needed a little over two and a half minutes to eliminate five stars and win the match. It came down to him and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, but Lesnar quickly eliminated McIntyre as well.

Brock Lesnar is set to enter the Elimination Chamber this year

On Monday Night RAW this week, Adam Pearce announced that WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will be defending his title inside the Elimination Chamber later this month in Saudi Arabia.

Brock Lesnar then appeared and confronted the newly-crowned WWE Champion and challenged him for a match. While Lashley seemed ready, MVP talked sense into him and refused Lesnar's challenge.

The Beast Incarnate then asked Adam Pearce, who was in the ring, to add him to the Elimination Chamber match. Pearce immediately made it official and Lesnar will now be competing for the WWE title inside the Chamber.

The other four stars set to enter the match are AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, and Riddle.