Details of WWE's emergency backup plan for Seth Rollins and Murphy reportedly revealed 

Murphy and Seth Rollins.
Murphy and Seth Rollins.

One of the biggest takeaways from the latest episode of WWE RAW was Dominik Mysterio's impressive performance. Rey Mysterio's son confronted Seth Rollins, and at the end of the segment, he looked like a major star in the making.

However, in addition to Dominik's strong showing, WWE also teased the possibility of a split between Seth Rollins and Murphy.

Tom Colohue revealed on the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast that there is reportedly an emergency backup plan to have the Monday Night Messiah and his disciple in a possible feud, which is why they teased it this week.

Tom was, however, quick to note that WWE could abandon the plan altogether. Here's what Tom told host Korey Gunz on the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast:

"There is an emergency back-up situation that being Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy as a potential feud. That's why they teased it this week, but they could very easily just abandon that completely."

WWE's plans heading into SummerSlam

The reason why the idea has been teased is due to Rey Mysterio's uncertain contract situation in the WWE. As we had reported earlier, WWE does have a couple of plans with regards to Dominik's debut match at SummerSlam, but it all depends on whether or not Rey Mysterio re-signs with WWE.

The segment on the last episode of RAW ended with Dominik getting the better of the heels after he got hold of a kendo stick. However, the damage had already been done as Murphy attacked Aleister Black's eye before Dominik could intervene.

This happened after Seth Rollins convinced Murphy to attack Black's eye. The former Cruiserweight Champion hesitated, but he eventually succumbed to the demands of his leader. It also took a slap from Rollins for Murphy to snap and viscously assault Black.

Aleister Black teased a potential character change in the aftermath of the angle, and that could have been the actual purpose behind the attack.

However, the endgame for the alliance between Rollins and Murphy would ideally be to have them feud with each other, but it could take a while before the storyline unfolds on WWE TV. Plans in the WWE, as you may have figured it out by now, change daily.