Bray Wyatt's potential return to WWE unclear despite talks backstage - Reports

Could The Fiend return to WWE in the near future?
Could The Fiend return to WWE in the near future?

According to a report from Fightful Select, a potential return regarding Bray Wyatt has been pitched backstage following the retirement of Vince McMahon.

However, that might not be the case after all, as per Ringside News. It has been noted that the former Universal Champion's name was mentioned backstage but not under the circumstances of an impending return.

Wyatt's name has been mentioned within the creative team, but the situation between him and his former company remains unclear. Steve Carrier of Ringside News wrote the following:

His name was mentioned to certain creative team members as advance notice that there may or may not be discussions going on, and that the rumor mill is churning about it. It was nether a confirmation or a denial of discussions.
Three years ago today, The Fiend Bray Wyatt arrived in WWE

Booker T wants to see Bray Wyatt get re-signed by WWE

According to Booker T, he wants to see Bray Wyatt return to the company. Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker claimed that he was "100%" invested in the return of the former Universal Champion.

"Oh, man, I'd be up for that 100% to see Bray Wyatt back in the WWE. I think the way Bray has left everybody with a cliffhanger, wondering 'What's Bray Wyatt going to do? Where is Bray Wyatt?'"
John Cena really enjoyed the Firefly Funhouse match with Bray Wyatt πŸ’―

The WWE Hall of Famer continued by mentioning that The Fiend is more suited in the company. He added:

"He's just been a guy biding his time, probably spending some of that money he made with WWE and enjoying that life for a minute, knowing once he steps back, he's going to be right back to work, whether he steps into WWE or AEW. I'm sure the place for a guy like The Fiend is WWE. I don't know if what he does - or if he would have to change anything if he went to AEW or not. But I think he perfectly fits back in the system, and to get him back would definitely be a bonus,"

It remains to be seen if Wyatt will return to WWE now that Triple H has taken over the Head of Creative. He was surprisingly released by the company back in 2021 due to budget cuts.

Wyatt was mostly known for his run as the leader of The Wyatt Family and later reinvinted himself as The Fiend.

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