NXT UK Results: Gallus one-up each other; Subculture aiming for title shot (June 17th, 2021)

The eye of Teoman is always watching; Sam Gradwell kicks off NXT UK
The eye of Teoman is always watching; Sam Gradwell kicks off NXT UK
Greg Bush

NXT UK saw a fantastic title match between the self-proclaimed "Forever Champion" Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura last week. Unfortunately for KLR, forever only meant a little over 600 days. Meiko Satomura defeated KLR to become the fourth-ever NXT UK Women's Champion.

The brand followed up this week with a solid episode, giving us some strong matches and a week's break between the NXT UK Women's Championship bout and a triple threat between Rampage Brown, Ilja Dragunov, and Joe Coffey next week.

Gallus's Wolfgang and Mark Coffey looked to see who could perform better as a singles competitor. Subculture faced Joseph Conners and Jinny in the main event while Pretty Deadly mocked them from the commentary desk.

All that and much more on tonight's NXT UK. We kicked the night off with two of NXT UK's toughest brawlers, Sam Gradwell and Wolfgang.

Wolfgang vs Sam Gradwell on NXT UK

Sam Gradwell caught Wolfgang in a side headlock, but the former NXT UK Tag Champion managed to escape before nearly taking Gradwell's head off with a clothesline. A crossbody in the corner connected, but Gradwell knocked him to the floor as he climbed to the top. Gradwell followed with a nasty flying forearm smash.

Sam Gradwell wore down the former NXT UK Tag Champion, trying to weaken his shoulder. Wolfgang sent Gradwell into the corner for another splash and began to fire up. A flying ax handle and basement crossbody left Gradwell in a world of hurt. A twisting suplex planted Gradwell for a two-count.

Wolfgang had Gradwell on his shoulders, but was stunned with a series of elbows to the head. Gradwell followed with an STO. However, his ribs were too worn down from Wolfgang's recent onslaught, and couldn't capitalize with a pin. Wolfgang was rocked with a rolling elbow on the apron, but the big man shook it off. Wolfgang hung Gradwell up on the ropes and cut his opponent in half with a spear.

Results: Wolfgang defeated Sam Gradwell via pinfall at NXT UK.

Grade: B

We got clips of the NXT UK women's division talking about their new champion, Meiko Satomura, who conquered the former champion, Kay Lee Ray, last week. Who would be the first to challenge The Final Boss of NXT UK?

Danny Jones vs Kenny Williams on NXT UK

Kenny Williams was surprised by Danny Jones in the opening of this contest. Jones took Williams down a few times before Williams caught him with a low boot. Williams ducked a clothesline and slid through Jones' legs, but was caught. As Jones sent him into the ropes, Williams escaped through the ropes.

Williams hung Jones up in the ropes and followed with a seated senton to the back. Williams focused on the spine with a series of kicks, including a dropkick in the ropes. Jones kicked out, but ultimately fell to Williams after being planted with Bad Luck.

Results: Kenny Williams defeated Danny Jones via pinfall on NXT UK.

Grade: C

We got a sit-down with three of NXT UK's top stars. Ilja Dragunov, Rampage Brown, and Joe Coffey, wanting to prove to one another who ruled the brand.

While Rampage and Coffey were in the middle of a bitter rivalry, Dragunov didn't want them to forget that there were other major players on NXT UK, namely himself.

NXT UK's Mark Coffey brought a cameraman with him while he aggravated Sha Samuels. In no time, Samuels challenged Coffey to a match, as Coffey told the cameraman that he was about to tie up Wolfgang in singles competition.

NXT UK's Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar

Noam Dar showed off some of his merch before bringing out NXT UK's Irish Ace and the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin. Devlin and Dar hugged, as Dar called Devlin an actual superstar.

Dar presented Devlin with the official "Supernova 11" t-shirt before asking about his time in the States. They agreed that they both left and came back because the USA sucked. Dar followed, stating that Devlin was robbed of the Cruiserweight Championship, and even said he'd help Devlin get some revenge on Legado Del Fantasma and Santos Escobar when the time was right.

Dar allowed Devlin to deliver an NXT UK exclusive, where Devlin called out everyone on the brand, reminding them that he was the true franchise player, and he was never hard to find.

The inaugural NXT UK Campion Tyler Bate offered a Heritage Cup match to Jack Starz, who declined the opportunity, believing he'd not earned it. Bate said that the opportunity was always there when he was ready.

Dave Mastiff heard the conversation, and told Starz that he'd earned everything so far, and that he should never let opportunities like that slip through his hands.

Nathan Frazer vs Rohan Raja on NXT UK

These two recent NXT UK signees look set to impress in this match-up, especially Rohan Raja, who is coming back from an injury. Rohan Raja took Nathan Frazer to the mat, attempting to keep the high-flyer on the mat. Frazer escaped Rohan's grasp, dropping him with the slingblade. A springboard missed, and Rohan planted him with a Black Hole Slam for a two-count.

Raja kept up the pressure on Frazer, but could never keep him down for long. Frazer escaped the corner, bouncing off the ropes at blazing speed, and laid out Raja with a flying clothesline. Frazer moved up, and though he missed a moonsault he landed on his feet. Raja rolled away only to be hit with a standing moonsault, nearly earning a fantastic victory on NXT UK.

Frazer was caught in an armbar attempt, and though he escaped, Raja punished him with a pop-up sky-high spinebuster for a near fall. Frazer responded with a Final Cut, getting a two-count as well. A springboard Nightmare on Helm Street. Again, Frazer took to the sky, hitting a fantastic Frog Splash for the win.

Results: Nathan Frazer defeated Rohan Raja via pinfall on NXT UK.

Grade: B+

After the match, The Eye of Teoman was seen on the screen, checking out Frazer and Raja.

Jordan Devlin found former NXT UK Heritage Cup owner A-Kid in his locker room. Kid felt that they had both lost something, and he was needing to prove himself against someone like Devlin. He'd get his wish, though he might regret it later.

Pretty Deadly had their eyes on this NXT UK main event
Pretty Deadly had their eyes on this NXT UK main event

Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna) vs Joseph Conners and Jinny on NXT UK

NXT UK's main event kicked off with Joseph Conners and Flash Morgan Webster. Conners was outwrestled before Webster tagged out, forcing him to leave the match as well, while Pretty Deadly asked if anyone had ever checked Conners' basement.

Jinny and Dani Luna wrapped up, as the Fashionista of NXT UK, much like her partner, lost the upper hand to her opponent. Subculture had their numbers, forcing Jinny and Conners to come up with a gameplan on the outside.

Luna picked up Jinny on the inside, but Conners pulled her off Luna's shoulders. Jinny cracked Luna with a nasty right hand, and stomped her out in the corner. An octopus stretch left Luna in a bad way in the middle of the ring. Luna escaped and suplexed Jinny before getting to her partner.

Former NXT UK Tag Champion Flash Morgan Webster ran wild on Joseph Conners, getting some revenge for his interference earlier on. A springboard buzzsaw kick took Conners to the floor, and Luna launched Webster overhead for a rolling senton.

Back in the ring, Luna dumped Jinny on the mat with several gutwrench suplexes. A lariat laid out Jinny, but she was just able to kick out. Jinny rocked Flash Morgan Webster and spiked Luna with a DDT.

Conners tagged back in, cracking Webster with a running backbreaker and following with a facebuster. Jinny caught Webster with a kick while the ref's back was turned, allowing Conners to bring him down with a schoolboy for the two-count. Luna, having enough of the dirty pool between Conners and Jinny, took Conners off the top turnbuckle with a powerbomb.

She knocked Jinny to the floor with a pump kick while Webster hit a 450 Splash on Conners.

Results: Subculture defeated Joseph Conners and Jinny via pinfall on NXT UK

Grade: B

After the match, NXT UK Tag Champions Pretty Deadly stared down Subculture to end the show.

Edited by Daniel Wood


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