Reported update on Carmella's status after she 'collapsed' due to a botched WWE live event spot

Carmella has not wrestled since suffering the injury.
Carmella has not wrestled since suffering the injury.

Dave Meltzer reports that former WWE women's champion Carmella may not have suffered a severe head injury during a recent live event.

Several fans have inquired about Carmella's status after a recent clip showed her being involved in a botched spot featuring Bianca Belair and Asuka.

The incident happened during a triple threat match for the RAW Women's Championship. Carmella immediately received medical attention after the scary moment.

While she was kept off the next house show due to precautionary reasons, the belief is that Carmella has not seriously hurt herself, as noted below in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

"She just collapsed. She rolled herself out of the ring and ref Daphanie LeShasunn called for help. Belair and Asuka then worked right to the finish where Belair pinned Asuka," reported Dave Meltzer. "Carmella's injury was believed not to be severe, although she did miss the house show the next night."
she got up on her own to walk away which is good, but they were like shielding her eyes from the bright lights #WWENorthCharleston

How did WWE's Carmella get injured?

Bianca Belair defended her RAW Women's Championship against Carmella and Asuka at last Saturday's house show in Charleston, South Carolina. The action-packed match went along just fine until the three women began working towards a turnbuckle spot.

Belair was busy landing strikes on Asuka in the corner when Carmella tried to interfere from the back. The EST of WWE instinctively attempted a backflip and accidentally bumped heads with Carmella.

This is where Carmella was said to have been injured last night. Fans in attendance say the ref threw up the X right after this

As seen in the video above, "The Princess of Staten Island" rolled out of the ring after the impact as Belair and Asuka proceeded to complete the match. Fans in attendance highlighted that the referee also threw up the dreaded "X" sign after Carmella seemingly collapsed from a potential head injury.

The 34-year-old star interestingly did not appear on this week's Monday Night RAW as WWE, too, hasn't released an official announcement regarding her condition. As always, stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for more updates.

Could Carmella be one of the stars to benefit from the recent changes within WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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