WWE could be planning to pit The Bloodline members against each other at SummerSlam - Reports

The Bloodline could be breaking up soon
The Bloodline could be breaking up soon

Roman Reigns has managed to lead one of the greatest factions in WWE history. However, the fall of The Bloodline looks inevitable with each passing week.

If you could pinpoint the exact moment things started to get worse for the group, it could be The Usos losing the WWE Undisputed Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 39 to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Since then, the duo hasn't managed to regain the belts and were verbally reprimanded by The Tribal Chief this past SmackDown for their failures.

The Head of the Table looks to be running out of patience with his cousins, as hinted by Paul Heyman, and it could lead to a spectacular blowup. Roman Reigns seemingly already has Solo Sikoa in his pocket and may have him turn his back on his brothers if push comes to shove.

Xero News has now reported that The Bloodline could implode soon enough as WWE is planning to pit Reigns and Solo against The Usos in a tag team match at SummerSlam.

WWE Legend discusses the issues between The Bloodline and Roman Reigns

The Usos have landed in quite a bit of hot water with The Tribal Chief as a result of their unsuccessful attempts at capturing the Undisputed tag team Championships again. The situation became volatile as Roman Reigns addressed his two cousins for their failure and looked to embarrass them in an intense promo segment in front of the WWE Universe.

The Head of the Table has marked Jimmy and Jey Uso as a problem in his books and pointed it out to their brother, Solo Sikoa as well. At one point, Reigns' anger got too hot as he got up close to Jimmy and shoved him until Jey had to interfere and apologize on their behalf.

Roman Reigns has now vowed to bring the WWE tag gold back to their family and to dedicate his victory at Night of Champions to the Wild Samoans, Afa, and Sika. Dutch Mantell discussed the entire segment at length over on Sportkeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk.

"When you start dealing with political matters, but I thought the whole segment was genius because I don’t think Roman would say, 'I’ll set it up or I’ll do something,' but when he said that, 'Solo and me, we’re gonna challenge them and bring it back to The Bloodline.' I think everybody in the building sat up. Now we’re back into this story again, it’s getting deep and they’re taking their time with it and I think this is one of the best things they can do for this story because who knows where this is gonna go." [57:19 - 58:06]

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