WWE rejects Andrade's release request - Reports

Andrade and Vince McMahon.
Andrade and Vince McMahon.

Andrade's request for a WWE release is the biggest story today in wrestling, and several details of the Superstar's status are slowly trickling out of the company.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer confirmed the reports and added that WWE had denied Andrade's request. No further updates were revealed on why Vince McMahon turned it down, but we should get all the relevant details in the days to follow.

Here's what the Observer's report revealed:

Andrade asked for his WWE release earlier this week, but was denied. Wrestling Inc. was first to report that he asked for his release at the Raw tapings this past Monday with Dave Meltzer confirming both the request and denial.

Wrestling Inc. broke the story earlier in the day about Andrade's desire to leave WWE. The former United States champion handed in his release request at the most recent RAW tapings on March 8th.

PWInsider also confirmed the news via its WWE sources, adding that Andrade looked 'absolutely' terrible' backstage during the tapings.

Fightful Select had more details on El Idolo's backstage status and what the immediate future holds for the Superstar.

What's next for Andrade?

WWE sources who were aware of the situation had already foreseen Andrade's decision to leave the company. It was added that the Mexican Superstar wasn't involved in any outbursts or confrontations. However, the former NXT Champion was a visibly unhappy man backstage.

Fightful's report stated that Andrade wasn't expected to be granted his release, and based on the latest update from Dave Meltzer, that's exactly what has happened behind the scenes.

Andrade has been a WWE Superstar since 2015 and was briefly tipped to be a potential main eventer when Paul Heyman was in-charge of Monday Night RAW.


Paul Heyman's removal from the Executive Director's spot was probably the beginning of the end for Andrade's WWE run. The Hispanic Superstar was left undrafted in 2020, and he has not been used on TV since being attacked by The Fiend in October last year.

As of this writing, Andrade's release request has reportedly been rejected and we'll keep you updated if there are any new developments regarding the story.

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